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The Chaos Theory
and your Acting Career

acting resources This article courtesy of Jack Turnbull at Actorsite

Chaos theory says that in times of chaos, patterns emerge.

Pattern 1: Actors who work on skills daily and relentlessly have far more confidence when they get called in to audition...in times of stress, we resort to habits, if you have good practice habits, you have great skills to fall back on. That's why we have so many Actorsite Workouts each week!

Pattern 2: Actors develop relationships with Casting Directors book more work. Casting are those who are PAID to remember you and to know who you are as an actor and what you are about so relationships with Casting are SO IMPORTANT to a career.

Pattern 3: Actors who drop off headshots to busy casting offices get more appointments than those that don't. Add that Actors who participate in ACTORSITE DROPS get more appointments than those who don't.

Pattern 4: Actors who send postcards regarding their recent success to Casting Directors get called in more than those who don't.

Pattern 5: Actors who generate their own work have long and fulfilling careers.

Pattern 6: Actors who join the Actorsite have a huge leg up on those who flounder alone or under the distraction of many groups who sideline you until you are "ready".

Pattern 5: Actors who drop off headshots to busy casting offices get more appointments than those that don't.

There are so many patterns that we note and recommend for our members...Join today

When the going gets tough...



Savor the honing of acting skills, the honing of survival skills, the honing of people and networking and creativity skills.

Savor these times as you live them, because as you grow older, you will look back on these times as the BEST TIMES OF YOUR LIFE.

Remember that this struggle is TRULY LIVING.

NOBODY has it easy. NOBODY.

:ook at many of the "LUCKY" ones who fall into a great role at a young age (good for them) or who came from a famous show business family (that's hard too!) so they have a head start.

The blues are sooo much worse when you've had something and had it taken away. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE MISSED.

Use the dark times, the deeply hurt times, the sad times. the poor times, the desperate times,

USE THEM TO MAKE YOUR LIFE FULL and fulfilled, because if you see these as a passing phase and not the MAIN PART OF THE JOURNEY...then you are missing out on SAVORING THE GOOD TIMES.

These are the good old days. Build on them for creative success!

All the best, Jack


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I have sort of a different take on the chaos theory than a scientist would have but I believe that an overwhelm of the brain, in a sacred setting where you feel safe, can produce new and more creative ways of thinking.

A good acting class should challenge you to go beyond the comfort of current behaviors to new ways of expressing.

This basic introduction to my acting technique, which I call The Power Connection, is a quantum type of approach, metaphysical in nature, and not for everyone.

However, I suspect that anyone staying on this site for long will resonate with it. Click here to learn more

Want to know more about the chaos theory?
You may have already heard about this idea or maybe this is the first time you've heard about it but experimenting with this idea of chaos is presumed to have started with a weatherman named Edward Lorenz, back around 1960.

The Chaos Theory birthed the Butterfly Effect which basically shows that the smallest of changes in the initial conditions provided in any experiment can drastically affect the longterm behaviors within any system.

Complete article: The Chaos Theory: A Brief Introduction

So, how might this apply to the development of your skills as an actor? Well, making small, positive changes will, at some point, create a ripple effect of change within your whole system, for the good.

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