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Looking Within for the answers you seek

You drew the card WITHIN from the free card readings page or you have been led to this page by a search on pertinent keywords. Either way, perhaps the message of the WITHIN card will be helpful.

You have heard it said that the answer is within. The Spirit Guidance for you today is to turn inward for the answers you now seek. No one outside you has your answers.

Why would you need to be reminded of this? Oftentimes, when faced with being alone with ourselves, we will do just about anything to avoid it. The person we'd least like to meet on a dark stairway is our inner self. It just feels easier to ask someone else, to take someone else's truth. That won't work now.

This card appears when it is time to retreat inward, to be alone with yourself long enough to hear your own inner guidance. Keeping oneself distracted by work, worry, stress, or the needs of others can temporarily quell that inner call to healing but not forever.

Many times, the within card is a call for self-healing through getting to know oneself and searching out those wounded places within that have flared up due to circumstances in our present. If you have struck out at another, felt anger or felt hurt, it is yourself calling out for a healing of the past that has been triggered by a present stimulus.

Do you have Sacred Space in your home? If not, it's time to build an altar or designate a meditation room. You need a space to be, alone and quiet, on a daily basis. And right now, if you have drawn this card, you may need more alone time than that. Consider a real retreat, going away from home and family and staying at a retreat center. If you cannot do that, camp out for a few days in the healing energy of nature. Move yourself away from your distractions. They are hindering important inner work

Be prepared for ego resistance to this idea. Do it anyway. Just when you feel you certainly cannot do it, that is when you must. Let the phone ring, let the kids get their own lunch, let the laundry go, take a well day at work (you may have to call it a sick day but know in your heart it is a well day for you).

Diligently monitor your thinking when around others who have strong opinions about and a vested interest in your life choices. Remember to allow their feelings to remain theirs. Learn not to take on the opinion of others, in stead of your own inner knowing.

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