Welcome to Indigo Federation let me tell you a little bit what all this fuss is about I shall try to do this as short as I can;)

1999/10/01 I had a dream a strong dream and that was about that the darkness itself had become total strong on earth and after that there is a chance that a world war 3 will break out. In this instant moment when you read this there is a "game" going on and this game is really in action now. Earth and humanity has two destinies in this "game" one of them is that the lightworkers will spread the light over earth and take over the darkness by this and there is another destiny you can call this WW3 which has reach its high point recently that day I had my dream and when Ashtar anounced it. Now like ashtar is saying ITS TIME TO GO INTO ACTION INSTEAD OF TALKING ABOUT IT >>Ashtar anouncement<<. Take these words very strongly into your hearts, Caus this is very much tru.


Today I got some information how the Lucifer"darkness" will eliminate creatures of earth. Date 1999/10/05. It will use the nuclear power supplies against earth´s population itself and some other methods but this is the biggest part. At this stage it isn´t critical but it is getting critical. On the news now I see also nuclear power supplies "cracking up" not only in Japan. So this is no joke.

Lucifer has begun it´s "work" big time now. And if we want to prevent this please help us by joining Indigo Federation if this feels right to you. Caus time is getting in. Please meditate everyday even if it´s only couple of minutes to raise your vibration to heal earth´s population I/WE BEG YOU.


Now how should I put this, if we don´t want the earth to end like the second destiny we have to create a unity that spreads the light over the earth at the same time for the effect to have its bigget output. You will know if you belong to this Indigo Federation you will feel it. We are going to collect those who are willing to help earth and humanity by letting you write a simple form I have created Join Indigo Federation. One of my "missions" here is to prevent WW3 and I have been called into action now.

If you ask me I didn´t think it should be so soon. But now the time is in for us to spread the light over the earth by our unite which will be held at specific time and date. I will give out this information as soon as I have got forms from you who which to join. An quite important thing is also this: We need to gather people in North Central South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia in other words WE NEED YOU now those who are all over the planet and are able to spread light over earth and heal "humans/creatures" everything on the surface. This is not like healing mother nature she is already getting very much support but this is the biggest issue right now for me that is, hopefully others also. Darkness"Lucifer" is in its strongest this moment to prevent The light to do a successfull ascention in its way. It is just a matter of time right now, The only truth is within your innerself.

This Indigo Federation is created so that we/us The light if you understand. Will take advantage over darkness by haveing you joined. Please tell all your friends this. All over the planet. Caus we need you all who feel drawn to this. If we want to win this way so to speak;) earth will win in either destinies. I am just here to help YOU /myself/yourself to prevent this WW3 from happening. This is a part of my contract for those who are wondering. I will use all my powers now to heal the area around me. To prevent this from happening,and the time is in NOW to do something not watch and help earth and humanity a little bit.

When you join Indigo Federation you also agree to to totally alter your highest vibration there is for healing the humanity itself and filter the darkness in the best ways we can achieve for the moment.

Those who join Indigo Federation have all the respects and highly gratitude from godself. Ofcourse you are also been gratitude if you don´t join Indigo Federation then its not a part of your contract.

Caus if we all be one together THE LIGHT will be so HUGE that it will overwhelm the planets population with light and filter darkness back so it will become weaker and better in the ascention process itself. Hey I just want to win this without a world war 3 screnario. I you feel that ahh I am just talking. So be it, it is your way. Only you can feel this and believe what is your truth. This is what I have to say for now. I had to set up this page in a big hurry so don´t be kinky if there is some minor faults lol;)please email me at jonathan.t@telia.com if you would like.Love you

Copyright Talidaran

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