News at Indigo Federation

08/10/99- Massive information update please enjoy the information and the chat is also up;)

Today I also got the information that Lucifer have placed out units. Love you!

10/10/99- Updated Indigo Federation with a FORUM! and a email ANONCER!;)

I would also like to add that tomorrow I will send out information regarding indigo federation what will happen and so on to you who have joined Indigo Federation.

I will also add a list bot so even YOU who isn´t member of Indigo Federation can see what´s happening without being in.Great ey?;) and one last thing when the major things are done with the page which will be in about one week.

They said that I am now prepared to teach others. Teach new ways to train up the ability to increase body electrity"REIKI" training. This training is though not given what you call "reiki master teacher" or what ever the humanity has created for the word;)This learning is more about the basics the methods and goot focus/concentrate training which I still do almost everyday. To be focused in the best so to say.

So those who wants to learn about similar to "reiki" basics and maybe advanced. Though they have just given me the basics information training yet. please email me and I will build up a list with those! Thank you!