Aura Colors Descriptions


Activity or movement, passion, sexuality, materialism, vitality, survival instincts, forceful nature, fear, strong will or conviction, loyalty, victim, motivation, generosity, abundance, playfulness. Red is the emotional color relating to the reproductive system..


Sensitivity, claisentience, compassion, vicitm, healing for self and others, uncertainty, impressionable, balancing ot harmonizing, naive. Orange relates to the adrenal glands


Person power, controlling, opposed to change, scientific, analytical or intellectual, judgemental, self starter, independaent, perfectionist, stubborn, worry or anxiety, secretive, ingenuity and mental agility. Yellow relates to the spleen and life force energy.


Renewal, growth or change, naivete, attracting energy, physical discomfort, abundance, deception, neutralizing or calming, affinity or healing distrust or doubt, future time energy. Green relates to thymus and the immune system.


Communication, inner voice, certainty, integrity, creativity, conscience, melancholy, male energy, clarity, faith and trust, spiritual arrogance, immaturity, cold personality, emotional health, learning obsessive. Blue relates to thyroid and metabolism.


Abstract intuition, spiritual activity or information, trance mediumship, clairvoyance, heart or stomach trouble, theraputic healing, transmutation, arrogance, superiority, protection. Violet relates to the pineal and pituatary glands.


High metabolism, vegetasm, stress, nervousness, muscular tension, pharmaceutical or chemical presence, consciously applied protection, shyness, scattered or foggy perception, ungrounded, unfocused creative energy, unorganized thinking or overactive mental process.

Remember there is no good or bad Aura ~ There are positive and negative polarity's in each one..

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