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Welcome to Fantasy's Official WebSite!

Fantasy's Thoughts have been updated!

Welcome to another edition of Fant's Thoughts. This issue I want to discuss a broad subject that I've been thinking about quite a bit here lately...that being life and how we never seem to acknowledge the little things that we so often take for granted.

You know I've already learned one thing...spend time with those you love and tell them how you feel about them each day. Life is just so short and you may never know what condition you may find a friend or loved one in the next time you see them. Also cherish everything you do with that person no matter how small it may be.

Let me give you a personal example. On May 17th,2001 my brother-in-law died in a car accident. This was my husband's youngest brother. Keith was 25. He had a wife, a ten month old baby girl and a five year old son, with one on the way. The night of the accident, Keith left my place around 7:30. He had been working out with my husband. The last thing we heard him say was 'Bye, I love ya'all.'...we got the news of the wreck about 2 1/2 hours later. I have to say Keith was probably my best guy friend. We all did everything together. Never nothing major but you know those were special times that I'll never forget. We'd always go out to eat at Shoney's. Keith would always get the hot bar and have potatoes with cheese sauce...hehehe. I know small but significant. Or we'd play tennis after church on Sunday. Once again the small stuff. But that night on May 17th all that stopped. What else can I say?

Life is way too short. Cherish the small things. We're not guaranteed our next breath let alone tomorrow, so do your best to show others that you care now. Another thing is live life to it's fullest. If you have a dream go after it. Be satisfied with life and with knowing who you are. As for others, make sure to keep those lines of communication open that way when you do loose a loved one you'll have no regrets or you won's have to say 'I wish that I would have told him/her this or that'...It's like with Keith, I never told him I loved him that night when he left my place and I still kick myself everytime I think about it. But I know he knew I did because I had told him so many times before. Anyway I hope this edition has helped you in some way. Stay positive and be good to each other. God bless all of you and special prayers for those affected and those who are still being affected by the September 11 tragedies, our nation and our leaders. Until next time...Peace Out!!!


*If you have any ?'s or comments, would like to contribute to the column or site, please feel free to email me with you comments, ?'s, and concerns. Take care and see you all soon!!!


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