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Welcome to Fantasy's Official WebSite!

All About Fantasy

Hello, internet pals!!! It's Leslie and I'm gonna let you in on the past, present and future of the gal behind the scenes so to speak...So brace yourself, it's gonna be a rollercoaster ride.

In The Beginning...

Like I said my name is Leslie, better known as Fant and to others TitanDiva or DCDiva(just say Diva for short) sue me I like that title...LOL...Yeah but anyway...I was born in Perth, W. Australia in May 2nd of 1978 to Charles and Linda. My father was stationed there during his tenure in the US Navy so yeah I'm a military brat...hehehe. I have no siblings...sometimes I'm happy that it turned out that way and sometimes I think of how nice it would've been to have someone else to grow up with...Anyway, our family lived there for about six months where then we moved to the States(US). Here I pretty much grew up in Kentucky with the exception of moving to several different towns within the state. I remained there until January of 1994 when at sixteen years old my family moved to Tennessee where I now reside. Being in Tennessee, I've experienced many of life's "first". I got my first job, my first car, went to my first bar..hehehe...made many awesome friends and got to do things and go places that I'd only dreamed of. Examples: from as simple attending my first live wrestling show or concert to the many roadtrips(ie to Nashville, to Arkansas and South Carolina) with my best friend Charla aka Shelaine, to even getting to be on the net and get to know the great personalities that I have which include two of my fave people in the whole world Melissa Bellin(formerly WCW's Spice) and Teri Byrne(former Nitro Girl Fyre)-whom I've met twice! To even as important as getting the guy that I've pretty much dated since I moved to Tennessee. Through marriage I've got a new family here that I can claim as my own and I love them all!!!

Fantasy's Faves
Now that you know a little about my background(past), let me enlighten you with some little tidbits about me. My hobbies are listening to music, reading, writing poetry, internet, sports, volunteering(not as much as I should anymore),shopping, and hanging out with friends and family. First off, yes Fant is a sports fanatic!!! My fave sports are gymnastics, softball, tennis,football and basketball. Fave athletes? Shannon Miller and Kim Zmeskal(gymnastics), Tennessee Titans(football) where I love all the guys...hehehe...but my fave guys are quarterback Steve McNair and former Titans tight end Frank Wycheck!!! After all they are my hometeam...and...Okay so maybe we're struggling right now but we're young and the talent is yeah I think we have a bright future!!!;0)I know our Titans QB is one of the best in the league. He has the heart and the desire and one day he will have the ring!!! Steve you are the definition of a warrior!!! Mad luv to #9!!!:0)Anyway...My fave NFC team? My Philadelphia Eagles!! Oh yeah gotts nuttin' but love for Donavan McNabb!!!...I'm also a professional wrestling fan...well kinda but not as much as I used to be!!! My fave there is definitely Kevin Nash. Kev is and will always be Fant's all time fave no matter what!!! I like a few others though...Scott Hall, Hardyz(Matt)..hehehe, Shawn Michaels and the Rock. I also like Kurt Angle and Triple H. Speaking of wrestling, I'm a fan gals in the business also. I admire the fact that these ladies can get in there and mix it up with the guys. That's awesome!!! Some of my past faves has been Vanessa Sanchez(aka Tygress), Melissa Bellin(aka Spice), and former Nitro Girls Teri Byrne(aka Fyre),Chae and Joanie Laurer(Chyna-Come back Joanie!!!). Now since it's all one big happy company, I like Torrie Wilson, Christy Hemme, Ashley, Trish Stratus and Stephanie. I also liked Tammy Sytch and Nancy Sullivan(Woman). I am also a big fan of Rena Mero(She went by Sable in the WWE.). Rena is such a strong willed woman. I admire her for that... These three ladies are a big influence in me wanting to get in the sports entertainment business and maybe make it. Who knows?...there goes my ambition kickin' in...LOL:0) I'm also a music buff...I like many styles not just one but it depends on my mood as to what I listen too. It can range from country, to hiphop, to rap, to metal. My fave artists Twain, Dixie Chicks, Mindy McCready, JoDee Messina, SheDaisy and many others. In pop and hiphop, I like Destiny's Child(Bee,Michelle and Kelly...You all are a real inspiration to me...Much love to DC3!!!),Mary J, Aaliyah(Wish I coulda gotta to know more about ya BabyGirl...RIP),Britney Spears(I listen every to her every now and then), Mandy Moore, Mya,Samantha Mumba and N'SYNC. As for others, I also like JaRule, Ludacris, Nelly, Outkast, Three 6 Mafia, Black Eyed Peas,Solange(The world is your's Solo Star!!!), and more. Like I said earlier I am also into volunteering...I feel it's very important to be able to give something back to your community so I volunteer or give to charities every chance I get. Currently, I'm a volunteer at CEASE, a local organization dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence. I volunteer there as a crisis hotline operator...Anyway, I also give to Children's Miracle Network who here benefits our local children's hospital. I always try to give, even if it's just a small donation. It feels so rewarding to know that I've helped someone in some way and every little bit given helps so I encourage everyone to find an organization to volunteer with or support.
Fantasy's Future

I have several goals for the future. My biggest dream is to in some way be involved in the entertainment business. I've done decided as much as I love it singing and dancing just isn't me. dream job in entertainment would probably be to be a music video director. My fave is Jake Nava, who has directed videos for Destiny's Child, Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and other big time artists. As for present goals, I want to continue to do well on my job and do what's best for me and my family. I've also just recently started a new business as an Independent Beauty Consultant!!! I totally love it and the gurls in my unit are the bomb diggity...LOL...We're so supportive of one another and we all believe that success comes by putting the Lord first in your life...That's what you have to do is just let Him guide your path in life. That's my prayer for everyone who may come on and read this...Later on I want to get back in school and hopefully double major in law to become a paralegal and criminal justice/public safety. Then who knows from there...I'd like to someday either be a domestic issues lawyer(ie divorce, child custody, etc.) or an entertainment lawyer(representin' all those entertainers and athletes who get all up in some T-R-O-U-B-L-E...*LOL*). If law's not my choice then enter into public safety as a traffic accident investigator. After I get settled in a career, maybe start a family well in my case add to other words...BABIES...*LOL* at least two.

But all in all, remain happy, healthy and alive. I want to be a liver of life not just sit back and watching it go by. I've learned alot in my 27 years, but I know I can make a difference. I can learn and do alot more. But no matter what I do I know God has to be at the head of it which brings me to my fave quote..."I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."-Philipians 4:13. My advice to young people is this...Reach for the stars. Never sell yourself short because the sky's the limit. And like my mom always says, "You can do anything you set your mind too."

Shoutouts, Dedications, Thank You's and all that good stuff:

This page is dedicated to my brother-in-law and good friend Keith(9-22-75 to 5-17-01) and to all the young people out there making a difference. Remember ya'all stay safe...

I would like to thank: All my ole crew for helping to me make friends online and getting the ball rollin' for Fant. You guys and gals know who you are. I love and miss you all...thanks for everything!!! To Justin, thanks for helping me with the site, for your friendship, for being so understanding and patient with me, but most of all for putting up with me!!! Love ya and I miss ya!!!*HUGZ* Also a big shout out to my pals Kelly(You've truly been a great friend...thank you girl!!!) and Bill from Rena's Renegades!!! You know RR was the best wrestling fan club around!!! Love ya'all!!! Also to Carrie from Spice's Soldiers...Miss ya girl, where ya at!!!:)Definitely want to thank my gal Melanie(whisperloud)who I met on a Titans Yahoo club I think...Girl you are great and I miss ya. Holla at me!!!...*HUGZ* A special thank you to my pal Mikala(you know who you You really are an awesome friend 'Kala!!! Luv ya bunches and hey Dad says *HUGZ*...Thank you guys and gals for being some of the best pals a gal could have!!! You'll never know how much you've meant to me!!!:0)

Others I would like to thank are: My friends at the Message Board/all my crazy peeps at Club DC,especially Miss J...Jennette, you rock girl...Keep up the good work...Anique, Abbi, Danielle, Stacey and Tracey, Jasmine, Jody, Tazmin, Tommy and everyone else...Much love and ya'all know you guys are great!!!The members of the most AWESOME girl group in the world...Beyonce, Michelle and Kelly of Destiny's Child, I love you all and just know you have been a true inspiration to me. No matter what trials you face DC3 will always have my support!!! I got to meet Destiny's Child this summer when they were on tour in Nashville and they were just like I expected, I can't explain it!!! Thank you gals for making my summer and I truly luv you guys more than ever!!!Mad luv to my gurls of DC3!!! You all will never be forgotten and good luck to each of you!!!...All the members of any of my clubs at Yahoo, my very first net friend who talked football with me...Gregg..and where you at..hehehe. We met on the Yahoo chats I think. Thanks for being a pal!!! My crew at the chat on like Coke, TitanGirl, Parker, Nazz, and anyone else I've met there.*HUGZ* to you all and I miss you guys!!! My other friends of the EG Fam at where ya at gal?...Last but most definitely not least and I mean this from the bottom of my heart many big *HUGZ* and a huge shout out to my crew at!!! You guys and gals know who you are!!! Madd luv to Jason and my crew!!!Also many *HUGZ* for Trish and the gang at NFL Fury the bestest Titans fan board in the world!! I luv yuns very much!!!To anyone else I may have forgotten, you know who you are and you know how much each of you mean to me.

Love you all,

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