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                                                                Samus Profile

                Samus' past is much left a mystery. But here is the biography based on a website that compiled information and sources. Nobody knows much about her family or planet she lived on.

         Samus is a intergalactic bounty hunter sent by the Galactic federation. She wears a hi-tech suit built by the Chozo, a bird like race which made amazing technology and scientific leaps. Her life's story quite sad. Her father worked in the Federation, but her mother's occupation is unknown. Her life was simple on a space colony (probably near the planet K2L), until she was about 10, when the space colony was attacked by space pirates. The pirates left no survivors, and slaughtered Samus' family. Then Samus was raised by the Chozo, learned the art of war, and started her mission to obliterate the metroids, a life sucking parasitic species, and also to annhilate the Space Pirates. It was also said that she chosen out of the Federation police of Bounty hunters to destroy the Pirates, which was a tough job.

                   Name and Occupation: Samus Aran, Bounty Hunter

                   Eye and hair color: Blue, Blonde (if you call her a dumb blonde, she'll probably shoot you)

                     Suits: Varia, Gravity, Power, Fusion

                     Beams:Power, charge, spazer, wave, plasma, hyper,Phazon, ice.

                     Other Weapons: Missiles, Super Missiles, bombs, Power bombs.

                       For more information on weapons or items go to the Weapons and items glosssary.                 


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