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                                           Text Adventures


                                                             Metroid: Evolution

                             Immediately after Super Metroid, the Federation discovers a planet near SR-388. The planet is called Cytes. The federation sends a group of scientists and soldiers to investigate this red planet. Their discoveries were very astounding! They found tiny eggs of Metroid larvae! The investigate more and find out that the Metroids haved evolved into a different form! A new generation has arrived for the metroids. They have become more deadly due to the gases that intoxicated the planet. The metroids never been in this planet, but how did it get there? They immediately reported back to the Federation. But all of a sudden, they lost all communications, and were never heard from again.

          Samus is sent to investigate this planet, and to wipe out all the metroids......




                              In this text adventure, you play as Samus Aran. You first read the little story on top of each page. Then after you read it, you choose one of the following things you can do. Some options can get you killed, some can make you save the day! So, choose wisely! Have fun!


                                       Chapter 1 The Cavern

                                      Chapter 2 The Space Pirate faculty


Sorry, i lost interest in this an i'm not gonna continue, but i'll leave it here.