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                                                   Samus Interview from "The Oddish"

                                                          Censored for a younger audience!


Well, we tried to sit down with her for an interview; but she was busy doing something with a friend, or something. She just told us that she was "Going to raise Atlantis". Whatever that means. But she did answer the "Seven" questions. :)

Snowflake: We all love you. When are you returning?

Samus: Sooner than you think.. but longer than you wish.

Snowflake: What's your favorite food?

Samus: Gee... I'm kinda a normal girl. I like a good junk food binge on occassion. Thanks to my Chozo blood -you remember the comic chronicles, right?-, I have an obscenely high metabolism. So, I burn calories VERY fast. Right now.. I've developed an addiction to "Mars" bars. Don't ask.

Snowflake: We loved you in Super Smash Bros. I have all three of your games. Anyways.. when trying to find neat-o pics.. I couldn't find many pics of you without your suit. I only found.. one... Why is this?

Samus: The selling point of my games was never about: "Hey, it has a hot chick in it." The selling points were: "fast action, hard gameplay, lots of exploration." The first one mixed hard gameplay with lots of exploration. The second was mostly lots of exploration, but near the finish, it provided hard gameplay and fast action. One of those pics is me versus an Omega Metroid. Those things are tough. The third was a little lighter on the exploration part.. and it wasn't that hard. But it offered small servings of those elements, garnished with a HUGE helping of fast action. The game was all action. It had huge enemies in it, and loads of amazing sequences. It was never a "jump, jump, jump" fare; but it was really fun. Did you figure out how to electrocute the large shrimp-like boss? Wasn't that cool? Yeah, it's all action. A lot of the graphics in Metroid 2 and Metroid 3.. lent themselves to a little.. terror.. in a way? I mean, it wasn't kiddie game imagery, now, was it? The games had T & A... "Terror and Action". The only "bounce" in the game was from deflecting laser shots, or an enemies head hitting the ground.

Snowflake: Why did your parents name you.. Samus?

Samus: It's actually.. a Chozo name I was given. It means: "Hunting Warrior", although some idiots have said it could be "Warrior Princess". I promptly shot them. My enemies think it means: "Psycho path". I shot them too.

Snowflake: What's your favorite music?

Samus: Well.. I've become a little partial to The Galactic Cowboys. But I like a lot of music. Sometimes.. I catch myself singing along with the radio. Which is a bit sad. Because.. nothing looks worse than a Bounty Hunter walking along, kicking butt, singing to her self: "I'm blue.. da ba de da ba di".

Snowflake: In a perfect world...

Samus: ...Princess Peach Toadstool would have to rescue Mario and I would collect the bounty on Pikachu's head.

Snowflake: One more question.. Will you marry me?

Samus: Sorry, I live a crazy life.. and you don't want to see the creatures that follow me home.