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Destiny's Children : MEGS

Name: Megs

Age: 16

Birthday: March 19

Hobby: Drawing Anime, watching Anime, reading Anime fanfiction, writing Anime fanfiction, and Star Trek Voyager.

Likes: Loves Dragon Ball Z and Star Trek Voyager. Also loves history, paticularily Ancient Egyptian history.

Dislikes: People who say her hair is orange. IT'S RED!!!!!!! Her parents and anyone else who calls DBZ the Dragons Balls thing.

Weaknesses: Procrastination. Can also be very quiet at times, and very loud at others! (which can be annoying either way!)

Strengths: Loves to argue! Shandi says she'd be awesome on a debating team. She's an artist currently honing her skills. She also writes pretty well. At times. ;)

Dream: To work in Egypt as an Egyptologist. Although some of her friends believe she should be a lawyer!

Training in: Survellience.