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Destiny's Children

Fortune Needs an Heir.

Will it be you?

The enigmatic man who goes only by the name 'Destiny' runs an international spy ring/mafia only whispered about, called Fortune. Deciding that he wants to retire, Destiny orders his commander -in-chief to find a potential heir for his kingdom on billions. She immediately sets to work, determined that the heir must be of high IQ and have a great potential future. She also wants groups of individuals who know each other, so a greater bond - and a greater rivalry - will be created.

She finds potentials the world over, but most encouraging is a group found in the most unexpected of places.

A writing group run at lunches out an English classroom in a highschool in a rural town in Ontario, Canada.

They have to sever all ties with home, family, and friends, so she makes sure that they won't have a problem - and abducts 10 students. The teacher and one student, who had joined the group too late to be included in her testing, are left behind.

Ten students being groomed for leading the worlds largest mob.

One student looking desperately for her missing classmates.

Only one will be Fortune's Heir.

Will it be you?


Each individual character is copyrighted to the person on whom they are based. (Ie. I don't own any of you ;) ) All artwork and writings are copyright their respective owners. Destiny's Children is copyright Heather McGugan 2003. Please do not use without permission.

Thank you.