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Destiny's Children : LOLA

Name: Lola Bridges

Age: 18
Birthday: Feb. 9th
Hobby: Art, animals, worrying
Weaknesses: computer illiterate, easily tempted by opposing sex, brutally honest,
Strengths: Not easily embarassed, honest, patient, creative
Dream: To live in the wilderness with an itellectual (and scotch) boyfriend. To own an animal sactuary and a catnip garden.
Training: weapons, and animal magnetism e.g. manipulating any animal for her benifit (this includes men)
Overheard: stupid jokes, especially puns, states the obvious alot, "I love the world and I love my hair."; "Riiight," ;" I live by the 5 year rule"
Likes: The out doors, animals, older guys(once again with the 5 year rule) punk/ska music
Dislikes: concieted people, earwigs, scarecrows
Deep Dark Secrets: Has a star-scar instead of a belly button ....hates explaining why.