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Bandwagon Boy's Arcive of Old Infomation


Here is the latest most recenter writtings by me from Sebtember and YANKTOBER of 2003!

Here is the latest most recenter writtings by me from lately until Sebtember of 2003!

Here is the incite up untell June of 2003 which is like not so long ago homes! I tell you all about my champion SAracuse and the awesome Spurz what won it ALL when they Lakers got tired of winning and took a break and how I read up the Hairy Potter book and all other kind of awesome stuff that will amaze you and turn you from ignorent looser into a famous Genious like me!

Click here to see the older stuff that I talked about from October 2002 untell March 2003! This old stuff is newer then the other old stuff that it older that you can click on down bellow!

Try it and see how I talked about restrant reviews and my CHAMPION Angles won it all and ACCC Baskeball perdictions and my web sight's anniversery and Holloween and Thanksgiven and the football bowel games and my Top Ten rankings and Pete Rose and how smart coaches got dumb and more holydays like Chrismas and how my BUCKIZE won it all bucko and Joe the Millionare and the NFL playoffs and how my TAMPA wins it all and movie reviews and how coach Kay got dumb and how LeBaron James Rulez and how I won ANOTHER BW award AGAIN and Valentimes Day and allso I apply to go onto the Hot or Not Show! It is awesome and RULEZ!

To see my Genious comments from June 2002 untell October 2002 dont click anywheres just go down this here page! It is great!

You can read how I talked about the World Cups of Soccer and how the Lakerz Rule again and how I got Googol on my computer and I had a Trevia Contest and a NBA draft preeview and talked about the Pledge of Allegients and I emailed SHACK and I interview the Great Caoch Kay and allso Barry William from Marryland and I raport on the Littel League Worlds Serieses and allso College football and the new fall TV shows and allso the Real Worlds Series! GO ANGLES!!!

Click here to see my awesome commentery and incite from Deceber 2001 untell Febuerry 2002!

CLICK IT to read about how I talked about the 2001 BW Awards and my CANEZ winning it ALL and how Duke rulez so shut up complaners! And allso the NFL play offs and Luther King Day and my Super Bowel preeview and how MY PATRIATS won it ALL! Allso my raport on the Figure Skating Olympics and Valentimes Day and the ESPN Duke channel and Jay-Will shooting a guy and more on DUKE baskeball!!!

There is even older stuff from the olden days back in 2001 when I was just starting out on this websight and wasnt even that famous yet!!!
Click here to see the older stuff that is still amazeing and awesome you dont know what you missed dont be a looser and miss it again so click here!

Try it and see!

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Ask Bandwagon Boy!!!
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Pay attention and you will learn a lot!

Here is some old fashion out-dated comments from back in the Olden Days these are from June 2002 to October 2002! Look how I was always right!

October 15 2002! well the Worlds Serieses is almost here and it is going to be great! FINELY my two faverite teams are going to play each other! I have always loved the California Angles ever since they got Sanfrancisco Rodrigez he RULEZ baby!!!!! He is awesome and allso we have the RALLY MONKEY which is coolest ever and allso the THUNDERSTICKS which we Angles fans use to whap togther to make a big noise and scare out they other teams and make them loose! They rally monkey and thinder sticks is what being a big Angles fan like me is all about! And of course my Giants RULE Barry Bonds is greatest player ever I have always told you that but no one ever listen to me well maybe now that the great Barry is in the Worlds Serieses you will finely agree that he is awesomest player ever! He is almost as great as Derrick Jeeter use to be beffore he got all hurt and had looser team mates like Gimabi drag him down to looserville but Jeeter is over now its Gimabis fault but who cares I am all about my Angles and Giants winning it ALL babay!!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!!!

October 14 well I have had it with the looser Patriats who do they think they are! I have been they biggest loyalest fan forever way back ever sense they drafted Seymore but I can't stand this loosing garbage! Tom Braddy is looser and needs to get benched right now or maybe even CUT! He stinks and what has he ever done nothing he got carried to the championship last year but now we need a qaterback who can WIN! They need to go and trade for Drew Bleddso! Bellicheck needs to trade Braddy and a bunch of first rounder picks for Bleddso and do it now! Or else he aught to get FIRED! I am a champion and a winner and I demand excellece from my team is that so much to aks! Well the Patriats better start delivering excellence NOW or else I have had it! I went and bought very expensive tickets to go a Patriats game in a couple weeks because I am a very loyal and big fan and I shelled out all that money and am going to drive for hours and hours to go see this team and then they turn into loosers! I know you are saying Bandwagon Boy they dont desserve you to be they fan but I already bought me them tickets and I am not going to let them go to waste I am GOING to that game and I am going to wear me a t-shirt that says BRADDY SUCKS and DUMP BRADDY and allso FIRE BELLICHECK and I am going to boo my head off at these jerks the whole game to show them that I do not except they loosing play and that I desserve better! It is going to be great and when they hear me boo them they will be ashame and they will wake up and start playing football good again! Or else I will boo them more and find me a team that isent a bunch of loosers! I know that lots of other Patriats fans agree with me we are SICK of this loosing! What a bunch of loosers FIRE BRADDY NOW BRADDY SUCKS!!! FIRE BELIICHECK!!

October 8 well the big sports news is that it is only a few days untill they MIAMI HURRCANEZ NATIONAL CHAMPS get to play football some more it is great! Plus allso they Lakers start up they latest CHAMPION season in a little while! Other sports like base ball are stupid! NFL is dumb and the reffs cheat and my Patriats better wake up and start playing right and do it NOW!! I told them to keep Drew Bleddsoe around and get rid of that looser Braddy but di dthey do it NO why do they have to go and change around when they just got done winning it is stupid I am tired of this they had better get things fixed or I am out of here I got better things to do with my time then root for a stupid team that is so dumb it dont know who to play at qaterback! So get with it Bellcheck or get fired! Who cares anyways it is college foot ball season and MIAMI RULEZ BABAYYYYY!!!!!

October 7 well no one cares about stupid base ball what a stupid sport it is BORRING! It is football season and that means COLLEGE football because I dont watch the NFL untell the playoffs because those are the only games that matter! SO right now the only team that smart people care about is MIAMI HURRCANEZ!! Go CANEZ we RULE and are #1!!!!1!!!! But if I cared about base ball which I do not I would like my California Angles we are wicked awesome and I am so glad that the over rated Arzona is gone they SUCK I always hated them all season long what a bunch of over rated loosers they remine of the St. Lewis Rams speaking of loosers! And anyways its COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON go CANEZ!!!!!!

October 6 I AM SO MAD I CANT BELIEF IT!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH TORRY IS HE GETTING BRIBBED OFF BY CALIFORNIA OR SOMETHING THIS STINKS WAHT A LOOSER AND CHOKER HE NEEDS TO GET FIRED NOW!!!! I am so sick of the umps cheating us and these jerks chokking and Torry screwing up and loosing ACTION MUST BE TOOK NOW!!!! FIRE THAT LOOSER!!! Jerk! Anyways I dont care baseball is for loosers no one likes base ball it isent even a sport its football season anyways! And Yankees will probably come back and win anyways if we win game 5 and then we can go back to NY and win it all again just you watch! But if not who cares I have always loved my Calfornia Angles we are the best its just too bad that the looser Yankees have to play like junk they need to FIRE TORRY NOW but who cares base ball is for loosers I dont watch it but if I did I would wacth my California ANGLES BABAY what a awesome team it so so great to finely see us win!!! Yesss!!!

October 5th well I cant belief they Yankees lost last night what a jip the refs cheated us again how dare they call out the great Derrick Jeeter that was a BAD call they are so jealous it makes me SICK!! I cant belief so many people are saying they Yankees are dead THEY ARE NOT!!! First of all they Yankees are going to win! They are they Yankees! Even if they loose tonight WHICH THEY WONT they will still win it all they never give up that is why they are WORLD CHAMPS!!! Don't you people know any thing! Second of all why wasent that game on TV last night what a jip! Third of all I saw the high lights on the news and who is that jerk Mondaysie why is he in there Torry you better get that looser out of there tonight and get MISTER CLUTCH Paul Oneal back in there NOW or you aught to be FIRED!! I have had it with this kind of looser choking and I will not stand for it in the olden days the Yankees never choked and I wont stand for it! Torry get Paul Oneal back in there NOW and allso Broseus and Teno where the hell have they been do it now or you are a looser who needs to be FIRED and you stupid chokking team will loose 4-1 and I will boo you ever chance I get! Jerks!

Otcober 3! well the big news is that I found out who was the guy who run out of the crowd to beat up the looser coach at first base last month it turns out it was my cousin Billy from Chigago and his smartmouth kid! Unreal! Now he's a famous star on the TV! That is so awesome! Encase you dont remeber it here is the story of what happened and how that jerk Coach desserve to get beat up!

This is where you click you mouse to read about my famous cousin and the jerk Coach he beat up!

I talk to Billy the other day on the telphone and he explain that that jerk Coach had flick them off! I cant belief it who does that Coach think he is! He is just lucky that I wasent there to or else I would of beat him up even more! And then I would be famouser too and on TV and a hero for not taking any crap like my cousin Billy! Billy is kind of a snob and gets on my nerve for putting on airs and thinking he so smart and snooty and allso for rooting for looser teams but he is still my famly and let me tell you something bucko anyone who flicks off my famly better get ready to get beat up! Or have they tires slashed or they car keyed or sugar in they gas tank because I dont' take ANY crap from anyone and I am not afraid of any man! SO if you ever try to flick me off or insult me or anything you better know that I am a badass and I will key you car so quick you wont even know it so BACK off Bucko!!! You think my cousin Billy is bad you aint seen nothing yet boy it run in the famly so whatch it!!!

October 2! Yessssss! My Yankees win again just like I told you so! I watched us whup California last night and it was awesome just like the olden days beffore Riviera choked last year! Well there is no stopping us this time we are on my way to the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP again bucko! Torry is so smart that he kept superstars like Broseis MISTER CLUTCH Paul Oneal and even allso Superscrub Soho on the bench last night to rest up and let the scrubs play and win! The rookies like Jesse Vintura and Mondaysi did good so just think how awesome we will be when we play the good players! This is so great I can't wait for the other games to come on when do my Dimonbacks start up they series it will be a SWEEP no doubt with unbeatible Shilling and Johnson going for us I love winning and I love to win playoffs! YESSSSS!! This is what being a fan of CHAMPION TEAMS is all about bucko!!!!

October 1! Well the big World Serieses starts today and I am so phsych! Finely my CHAMPION teams will start to play the games that count! I cant wait to see my Dimonbacks whup whoever they play and of course my Yankees go out and kick butt! My Yankees are the big favorites of course how can you stop a team with all the superstars! You cant! Now we got Gimabi who is super star and Sorriano is even more awesome then last year! When he was awesome! And when you add superstars like them to Bernie and Big Rodger and Broseus and Paul Oneal and Moosena and Andy Petit and of course the Great DERRICK JEETER then you have the awesomest team EVER! Now if that looser Marreano Riviera will just not CHOKE again we will win it all! So it will come down to DImonbacks verses Yankees in the national championship finales and I perdict that it will be the most awesomest game ever! It will all come down to Riviera again and he will win the game this time instead of choking like last year because now he knows that we Yankee fans do not stand for loosing and he better come through or else George will cut him and buy someone better! That is why we are the best and the Champions and thats how its always been and always going to be so if you like some looser team forget it it you have NO CHANCE!!

Spepteber 30 Well I cant belief how the stupid Patraits got robbed by the reffs again and cheated out of the game yesterday! What a jipp we were robbed by cheating reffs it make me so mad I know that my champion teams would NEVER loose if the stupid reffs dident cheat! They are so jealous it makes me mad! Jerks! And beside that looser Bill Bellichack better wake up and start coaching how do you loose to a crappy looser team like Sandieggo! Come on! I knew it would happen I said they Patriats better wake up and start trying but no they dont listen to me and Bellichack just goes out and screws up he better get it together soon or he needs to go! I refuse to except this kind of mediaocrety and nonsince! I am a winner and I demand results OR ELSE! I knew they would loose what a bunch of jerks Patriats wake up I am sick of this looser nonsince start producing NOW! If I had been at that game I would of been booing my lungs out at them loosers like Braddy and Ty Lawyer and Trent Brown and the rest what have they ever done lately they aught to bring back Drew Bleddsoe they won the Super Bowel with him around then they let him go and now look! Loosers wake up or else! Well at least I am not a fan of the stupid Rams! HAW! They are so overrated it is a joke they stink and suck and they are looser I told you all beffore the season but no one listen to me! Well you should of maybe now you will learn! Anyways the NFL is borring and I dont even care about it tell playoffs that is when the CHAMPIONS rule! SO wake up Patriats and cut the crap! I like college football better anyways and my faverite team MIAMI CHAMPS Hurrcanez won again of course! At least my Dimonbacks and Yankees are about to rip through everone and win it all again! YESSSSSS!!!!!!

Septeber 23! Well once again foot ball is over because MY teams are so awesome and domanent that no one can stop them! Miami Hurrcanez whupped Boston so bad the other day and werent even trying! That pretty much settles the season on account of other team will be so afraid of Miami now they shouldent even play! And of course my Patriats win another slotter yesterday when we whup Kansas so bad just like I perdicted! I told you all it would happen you should of listened! I was wandering if they was any one out there that could give a challenge to either of my foot ball CHAMPIONS and at least make it interesting but of course NO! Oh well I win again face it none of these other loosers can compare to my CHAMPIONS!!! At least base ball is finely starting up soon and we can get to the playoffs of Yankees verses Dimonbacks which is going to RULE and be the best two teams EVER! Too bad foot ball cant find anyone good to make it interesting for my teams but that is because we are too AWESOME for everyone forget it looser!!!!

September 20! Well it is the time for the new fall season of TV shows! Last night they put on the new apisode of a good funny show called My Friends! It is the one with the dumb guy and the whiny guy and the hot chicks! And they live in the big city and they get they freak on all the times and they chicks is hot! So it is good! But when are they ever going to come out with the new varsion of Survivor! I watch the first two years and it was awesome! But then they said it was comming back but it never did how looser! Everone love that show and cant wait for it to come out! So get with the program TV people and put on some more Surviver! It dont matter because it is sports season now so there is lots of great sports action on the TV! They have the wrasslers who are a tag team of queers if you belief that! Not that there is anything with it! That's what Gerry Sinefell use to say on his TV show and it is funny to say when you are talking about homos and it prooves that you are not bad when you say it! But come on I cant belief the WWE is letting these two queers fight! This is wrassling not some girly Oapra show for queers! When these MEN go out there to fight I want them to be big strong men with big muscles you can see with no shirts on not little girly homoes! When they come together and roll around and fly through the air and land on each other and pin each other down to the mat I want to see real men that want to get down to busyness not some fairly wussy guys! Not that there is anything with them! Hahaha if you know what I mean! Get it! So on top of all that last night there was a big fight at a base ball game between some looser teams that no one even care about! One of the coaches jump into the crowd and beat the hell uot of two guys and one was a little kid unreal! That coach aught to be banned for life how dare he jump in the crowd! Whats the big deal the guy with no shirt proably told him to go screw or something who cares if you are a coach you have to shut up and take it! I yell at coaches all the time and I can do it because I pay my money and if any old fat coach try to beat me up I will sue him into court so fast it will make you headspin! I am serious! So anyways it just go to show you that base ball is stupid and they screw it all up and they dont do enough for the fans! I pay my money to go to a game I can do whatever I want! So if base ball doesn't change its ways then I will just stay home and watch TV! Because of all the good shows! And Surviver whenever it come on! Hurry up stupid TV people!

Setpember 16! Well sense I am a big sports fan and I go to all the big games and races and truck shows I have decide that I am going to the World Serieses this year! So I need to figure out how to get plane tickets to New York and Arizzona for October that aren't expensive! I mean I am rich and everthing but I do not waste money how do you think I am so rich I am not like those wastefull people you see all around with gold chains and gold teeth and big SUVs and they are on the wellfare! I save my money so that I have a lot of it and I drive a awesome car a Camaro when I get it fixed but I dont waste my money on junk like the wellfares! So I need to get plane tickets to New york and Arzzona for the World Serieses somebody must be selling them on the interweb why dont one of you tell me the websight and help me out for a change its the least you coould do after all I done for you ingrateful people come on! I need a page that sells the tickets to the World Serieses games and allso plane tickets! And money is no object I will even pay like $40 or even more for top tickets no fake for real I just dont care I spend big money for what I like Bucko! its worth it to go to the World Serieses of my Yankees verses my CHAMPION D-Backs! D-Backs is what we REAL fans call oour team for short! So anyways hurry up and tell me the websight I am so stokked I cant wait to go to the World Serieses its the only time I watch looser base ball it is useally too borring and slow but its worth it when you have the CHAMPIONSHIP on the line babay!!!!

Setpember 12-- Well the big news was yesterday was a big nervous day for everone! As everone knows it was the big day when Shack went and got his toe operated on! Lucky for us all the sergery went O.K.! So everone relax and get on with everthing because the news is good that the Shack man is gonna be awesome again! He will be back soon to dunk on everone and flex his dezel muscles and probaly do some rapping and TV shows and movies and commercials! And now that his sergery is over he will probaly answer my interview with him real soon as soon as he is healthy enough to type! Or have his butler type for him! Or his secertary! I should of put my phone number in the interview qestions I sent him so that he could just call me up and save time so he would have more time for his recooperation and for acting and rapping and just chilling with the ladies! I bet he has a cordless phone that he keep around to make importent phone calls on whenever he want! And he probaly has one in his car too and probaly another one on his TV so he can always call up other celleberties and say "Yo what is up I am Shack and I am calling you on the cordless from my TV! Whats happening dude!" And then if he had my telephone number he would call me up to do the big interview and we could of got talking about how we are both awesome and the best at what we do and then Shack probaly would aks me to hang around with him and we could ride around in his big convertable scoring with the chicks and living large oh well I will email him again at and tell him to call me up!

September 10 Well I AM AWESOME!!! I called the big win of my HURRCANEZ over Floreda and of course I called my Patriats over looser Pistburg last night YESSSSS!!! I am the BEST babay!!! Why do my teams always win I will tell you it is because I am the best and smartest out there! I dont know why people cheer for looser teams they must be stupid trust me it is more fun to be a winner like me then a looser so give it up fans of loosers and get with the winning team that is MIAMI and PATRIATS!!! If you like some looser team like Cincenati or Cleaveland or Baltmore why dont you just face facts and admet that you team stinks and that you hate them and that you really love my teams unless you are stupid what is wrong with you this is America and we all about WINNING here if you dont like it go move to Yugusalavia or Irac you looser! I RULE AND I AM THE BEST cram it!!!

Sebtember 8 Well I saw how the USA lost in basketball what a bunch of loosers! The aught to fire that Coach how can you take the USA into the playoffs and not win I could of coached us to 50 point slotters in all of them games against looser foreiners with stupid names like Vlady and Marko and Blizblaz and Grvnjik or whatever! Come on! If the USA wants to win it all we need to get a real coach or else get better players instead of the scrubs what lost to foreiners why dident we send Duke or Maryland they would win easy! The Great Coach Kay could of won it all even if his players were a bunch of loosers because he is awesome and the other guys on the other team would just look at him and be afraid and say "Hey Pierre we got no chance verses the Great Coach Kay lets give up to the Americans just like we do in all the wars and go smoke some smelly cigarets and eat some wierdo foods and not take bathes!" But no we had to send a bunch of scrubbs and a stupid coach no wander we lost well it is a desgrace and I demand that that looser coach Carl George be FIRED NOW and banned from coaching and that we get a good Coach and let Shack and Coby play they could whip Balgaria or who ever all by themselfs no contest! Why dont people do these things do I have to tell everone everthing I am sick of it wake up you stupid people who hire coaches and players for USA and get some since in you head and fire that coach and bring in the Coach Kay and Shack and Coby! NOW!! Beside no one care about this looser tournyment anyways we already had basket ball championship and it is LAKERZ!! Lakerz who are AMERICAN would KILL Rumaniam or France or Argentanio or who ever won this looser tourneyment that NO ONE cares about anyways if they so bad breng it on and join the NBA and we will see what is left of you when Shack get done stomping you and dunking all over you face cram it foreiners!!!

Sepetmber 7! Well today is the big game of the college foot ball season FINELY about time I am sick of waiting I am so stokked I cant wait it is going to RULE!!! My faveritest team Miami Hurrcanez verses my sixth faverite team Floreda Gaiters WOW it is going to be we awesome! We are going to kick asss and show the world we are NUBER #1 in the whole state of Floreda and the country and the world abnd the unverse too! I cant wait to see the game we KICK ASS and you people who are against me and my team are going to be sorry when we slotter you and WIN!!!! In you face jealous loosers! You heard it here first my team is going to whup tail and WIN the big game of the college foot ball year YESSSSSSS!!!!!

September 3 Well there is a lot going on in the sports world of course my favorite teams Yankees and Dimonbacks are kicking ass and in first place again and about to clench the title and go back to the World Serieses its going to rule! And of course my faverite foot ball team NUMBER #1 CHAMPION MIAMI HURRCANE are UNDEFEATED agin this year and will win it all again! They will not loose a game for years belief me bucko! And then of course there is the awesome new show American Idle which is awesome and every one is axcited and fired up because the big Championship match is tomorrow between Kellie who is kind of hot and that curly headed ugly chick that sings like a man! So no doubt that Kellie will win and be the big Superstar and Idle of every one! Its going to RULE! Unless they judges cheat and rip her off and give it to that ugly Justine chick who is no good and looser! But if it is not rigged and fixxed then Kellie will be the CHAMPION and winner and will be the next big star I cant wait to go buy her CDs and go to see her live on concert and probably meet her and she would probaly really be into me because most celbreties hang around together just like Buffy Vampireslayer hot girl got married to that guy who played Freddie Prince in Scoobydoo that's how it is with famous people so that's probaly what would happen! So there you have the latest incite from the awesome world of SPORTS!

Setpember 2 Well today is Laber Day which is a holaday that means the end of Summer which stink but it is good to get a day off of work which I go to all the time and work my ass off at only to have to give my money to the goverment and other welfares with they hand out its about time I had a day off I desserve it! Even big famous CEOs like me need to take some time off and kick back and lay around watching TV or at the beach if I feel like it! So that is what today is for! And also it is a special time to remember the brave servicemen what give they lives and die for our country and nation in battles to keep loosers like you free to shoot off you mouth! Or to call in sick to work when you really are going to the State Fair and smoke drugs and so then someone else who is just doing they job has to cover for you and clean the deepfryer AGAIN for like the third straight time it isent fair! And so think about those brave servicemen on this special holaday that died and show some respect and quit calling in sick and smoking drugs and all that other mess! Looser! Good thing I get the day off today I am so mad! Jerks!

Augus 27 Well I been out partying for days now on account of my faverite team Kentuckie of USA won it ALL!!!!! We did it we won the big World Serieses Championship of the little leagues! YESSSS!!! My Kentuckie team whupped up on the Jappenese and showed that USA is NUMBER #1 and AWESOME and the BEST!! YESSS!!! For a while there I thought our pitcher was going to choke and blow it but then he remember he is American and so he get the big outs and we WIN!!!!!!!!!!! YESSS!! Cramit it Jappan in you faces! KEntuckie of USA = NUBER #1!!! Of Little Leagues! HA