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Speaking of sunflowers... we admire the double spiral pattern of the sunflower (not to mention the golden ratio). It's another beautiful example of symmetry and patterning in nature. Look deeply at a sunflower and see there are 34 spirals to the right and 55 spirals to the left. These two numbers are neighbours in the Fibonacci series. See any type of flower, count it's petals and find the number will almost always be a Fibonacci number. 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144...!! Now you know why four leaf clovers are so rare.
Nature is everywhere

Whether we escape within the forests, explore the coastlines, sit outside at home, whether we look to the ground or sky; day, night, dawn, sunset, sunshine, rain, rainbows, snow, hail, lightning, wind, calm...nature is everywhere and is beauty.

Children know this well

My young child likes dandelions...he calls them his friends
... His best friend is six and has been passionate about insects for at least two years... she loves to catch them and watch them and then let them go back "to their friends"... she also likes finding "treasures" whenever we walk anywhere; natural objects with special appeal, perhaps a feather, a leaf, a stone, a shell
... we studied clouds last month...just looking and liking the shapes and differences... in spring my child sees the first buds and new growth on the plants and trees and rushes to us to announce spring's arrival...every child I know is instantly happy when they see a rainbow... these are just some examples of children's natural sense of wonder.


~*~ "Most adults use thoughts too much ever to be listened to by a flower" ~ Peter Lorie
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"They say,' she announed - 'they say that when you get as old as I am, your body slows down. I don't believe it. No, I think that it is quite wrong. I have a theory that you do not slow down at all, but that life slows down for you....Take flowers. Have you heard flowers talking?'...'Well I can assure you they do talk,' she said. 'They hold long conversations with each other... at least I presume them to be conversations, for I don't understand what they're saying.'
...My family and other animals ~ Gerald Durrell
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Note on photography ~ these photographs are my own work, heart's work, and Copyright 1999 - 2001 All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Please respect our rights and do not take them without permission. Unauthorised plagiarism is the reason why my webpages do not include more of my photography which feature our other child friends. Edit - photos removed.

My child grew this sunflower from seed when he was almost four... the seed grew into a plant and became a precious friend. We went on holiday for a week or so and when we came home after travelling all day, the first thing he wanted to do was see was his sunflower... and it had FLOWERED ~ he was in awe!!... these photographs are what he saw that day and the look in his eyes as he admired his beloved plant friend...
... ~* magic! *~

Nature is everywhere

The Beyond the Lens Photography Ring.

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