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Bellydance Parties by Shahara

* A Themed Arabian Nights Children's Party *

The perfect party for your little princess.  Extremely popular, interactive and lots of fun. Shahara Party

Mums and Dads put your feet up for 1½ hours while the amazingly expert Princess Shahara transports the children to faraway Arabian deserts and princesses palaces.

There will be * festive introductions, * a short belly dance demonstration, * quick Egyptian make over, *  learn enough movements to perform an easy dance, *  delight in a rainbow of colour when veil dancing,  Love the desert version of Happy Birthday with musical instruments and dancing, *   journey to  the Birthday Princess palace for an exotic pantomime becoming anyone from servants to snake charmers,  * and there's so much more.

At the end of the party the children are arranged beautifully for a photo. The Birthday Princess gets a little gift. The party is simply every little girls fantasy party come true, and every Mums dream of a highly successful easy party.

*  Obviously a very girly party - boys enjoy it also and are welcomed.
*  The princess comes to your party ( any day of the week ), requiring as large a cleared space as possible with 100% full shade cover. Areas such as Lounge / family / play rooms, deck's, patios, garage, halls are all suitable. No parks sorry.
*  Cost is a set rate for up to 25 children. A travel expense will be added for surrounding Brisbane areas.

Booking is essential!
*Please note: Princess Shahara has the required certification - the suitability card for child related employment.

Karen, Thank you so much for your review - that was very sweet of you  and much appreciated - Shahara

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eMail Shahara

Phone Shahara 07-3312 2344.

Belly Dance Workshops

A  special event for  *primary schools, preps, ones, *vacation care, *daycare

Multi-cultural - educational - interactive and lots of fun. These workshops in an exciting and fun way, open the children's eyes to different exotic cultures giving them greater understanding.  The workshop complements school projects such as studying other lands/countries, deserts, ancient Egypt / civilizations, multi-cultural dance and music, food / traditional clothing from other lands.
Princess Shahara holds a blue card. Many schools have made these workshops an annual event and teachers/carers have highly recommend them.

More info/bookings phone Sharon Daley 07-3312 2344

"Introduction to Belly Dance" Workshop

For teen groups and high schools

A  fun class situation, learning movements to complete a dance by the end.

More info/bookings phone Sharon Daley 07-3312 2344