It was a funny summer. You know...with Seonghoon and all... Looking back in retrospect, I’m kinda glad he’s more of a loud mouth and has more wangja byung spirit in him than I do.

You all realize that he’s a womanizer, still is...but after that one unfortunate summer...I think he has learned his lesson...

Me, I know I did. And I’m glad it wasn’t me my second cousin wanted. Otherwise...I’d be going through hell, in Seonghoon’s shoes...

Don’t get me wrong, Seonghoon is my best friend, of course I wouldn’t taunt him like we used to when we were younger. But this day, I just like to laugh in his face about the great role switch and how he had landed himself in such a messy marriage... was funny...and now, time for you to laugh.

“Jiyong, Jiyong! Tell me again! Are your cousins cute?!” Seonghoon shouted, blocking Jiyong’s path.

“Yessssss,” Jiyong hissed. “But I dunno and they’re not my cousins for the fifteenth million time!”

“But you call them your cousins!” Seonghoon protested.

“And I call you hyung! Does that automatically make you my brother?”

Seonghoon stared at Jiyong, not quite sure of how to answer.

“Move it, shrimp. Besides, I dunno how they look like. I haven’t seen them since I was only three months old!”

“Three months?! Wow! You actually opened your eyes and saw them when you were three months?! Aren’t all of them younger than you?” Seonghoon asked dumbly.

Jiyong shook his head in despair. “Look, do me a favor and SHUT UP! It’s bad enough you’re tagging along and now you won’t let me do my shopping. What am I gonna wear when I get there?!”

“Don’t you already have clothes?! You don’t make any sense! Why can’t you go with the clothes you have now?!”

“Does this look give you an impression that I’m my dad’s son?! Do I look professional enough? Do I look like I’m the President of my father’s company? And you! Tell me what do you look like!”

“I look like me! Kang Seonghoonie!” Seonghoon declared. “A fooooine honey!”

“Please, don’t drool all over yourself. I dunno what made me give you that job and not Jiwon.”

“Are you saying I’m not organized?!” Seonghoon shrieked, unaware of his voice level. “ has finally come out! You bastard!”

Jiyong moaned. Seonghoon was always difficult, even when they were growing up. “Can we just get moving? You know if you stand there too long, you’re gonna turn into a statue?”

Seonghoon placed his hands on his waist and walked away, heading towards the mall.

“Wangja dul...” Jiyong muttered, hurrying to catch up with Seonghoon.


“Oh! Can you believe it?! Jiyong oppa’s gonna be here tomorrow!” Miyoon squealed, dancing around the living room.

“Oh, grow up!” Kiyoon growled with disgust. “What makes you think he would want your horny ass?”

Miyoon halted and turned to her younger sister. “What did you just say?!”

“You’ll never get any. He’ll be too good for the looks of you,” Kiyoon sneered. “Besides, he is coming with his secretary.”

“Oh, be quiet! You’re just jealous because you’re not as fashionable and cute like me! Why don’t you just go kiss it!”

“WHAT?!” Kiyoon shouted. She bolted from the couch, ready to tackle Miyoon. “Now I know I didn’t just hear you say - "

“Kiss mah aaaahhhhssssssss,” Miyoon drawled, an evil smile plastered on her face.

“You monkey!” Kiyoon lunged at Miyoon, knocking her down to the floor.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! H-Help! Jiyooooooon!” Miyoon wailed, trying to scratch Kiyoon.

But Kiyoon was too strong. She sat on top of Miyoon and began picking at her sister’s hair, messing up the perfect curls that sat in a pile on her head.

“Get off! Get off, you man!” Miyoon screamed. “AAAAAAHHHHHH! My hair! My hair!”

“Kiyoon! Kiyoon!” Jiyoon shouted, entering the living room. She ran over and dragged her youngest sister off Miyoon, annoyed at the two for fighting again.

“Lemme have her! That monkey ass!” Kiyoon spat, struggling with Jiyoon.

“KIYOON!” Jiyoon yelled at her. “Stop! Miyoon’s your unni, she’s not no next door neighbor!”

“Huh! It’ll be worse if she was, I’ll be sure to kill her and have her running back to Mommeeeeeeeeee,” Kiyoon taunted, making a face at Miyoon.

“Stop it! Why can’t the both of you get along?! Miyoon! You! You’re older, why can’t you just ignore her?! Why can’t you just set an example!? You know she’s not like average girls! This one likes to fight!” Jiyoon shrilled.

“So does that crazy bitch,” Kiyoon murmured, looking up at the ceiling.

By that time, Miyoon was already up on her feet. “Say what?”

Kiyoon continued about, her eyes roaming around the room.

“What did you just say, you transexual?!”

“Are you hard headed?! Did you just hear what I said?! I told you two to stop!!!” Jiyoon screamed on top of her lungs.

“Oh, unni. No need to waste your time with her. She’s just retarded like that. Come, let’s go fix something to eat,” Kiyoon soothed. She led Jiyoon away to the kitchen and stuck her tongue out at Miyoon.

“ARRRRGH! Cho Kiyoon, when Jiyong gets here, you’ll see he’ll want only ME!”

:: Chapter 2 ::

“Jiyong ah...”

“Oma, don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Plus I have Seonghoon with me!”

“That’s why I can’t stop worrying. You two are going to get in trouble...I just know it.”

“Oh, Mom! We’ll be fine! Seriously! We won’t cause any trouble while we’re over there!” Jiyong vowed.

“That’s good. Here’s the address to their home. Now, courteous to the girls. I don’t want you two to be pulling stunts on them like you’ve been doing to both of your sisters.”

Jiyong sighed. “Of course! I dunno them, why would I do anything to them?”

“That’s beside the point. You two are mischievous little things, still little boys inside those bodies. I’ll never know what you two are up to.”

“Don’t worry, Oma. If anything happens, Seonghoon will be the first one to start it.”


Jiyong moved closer to his mother. “I’ll promise you, if we did something to embarrass you, we’ll shave off Seonghoon’s hair. That should be fair enough.”

Mrs. Ko chuckled at the sacrifice, holding her son one last time before the he leaves her. For good.

:: Chapter 3 ::

Seonghoon sprayed himself one last time with his Tommy cologne and placed the bottle in his bag. Smiling contently to himself, he gave a slight nod to his reflection in the mirror and fingered with his hair one final time.

The ride to the airport arrived downstairs, Seonghoon rushed downstairs to open the door to his apartment, a silly grin already on his face.

“Oh, God. You’re beginning to look retarded already,” Jiyong greeted, helping Seonghoon with his luggage.

“Heh...I feel so excited!” Seonghoon squealed like a child, his eyes bright.

“Are you sure it’s not the girls? I hope you won’t act stupid, cuz my mom’s in the car with us.”

“WHAT?!” Seonghoon nearly screamed. “She’s coming with us?!”

Jiyong quickly nodded, a scheme beginning to play in his mind. “Yeah - "

“You never told me that!” Seonghoon accused, his eyes wild.

“Just c’mon! You act as if my mom would be interested in you!”

“But — ”

“Don’t be shy! You know my mom! She even changed your diaper when we were babies! C’mon!”

Seonghoon reluctantly followed Jiyong out, his hopes sinking. “Man, this is gonna stink.”


“Well, I hope you girls go to bed early. Your cousin’s gonna be in tomorrow,” Chaeya informed.

“He’s not our cousin, why do you guys keep saying that?!” Kiyoon demanded.

“Because...well, he’s sorta related to us in a way,” Chaeya’s husband said weakly.

“In what way?” Kiyoon asked.

Jiyoon nudged at her youngest sister.

Kiyoon pushed Jiyoon away. “Well?”

“Why do you want to know so much? I thought you weren’t into boys,” Miyoon sneered.

“You’re right. I’m not into boys, MEN are more of my taste,” Kiyoon retorted.

“You!” Miyoon’s eyes reflected defeat as her face scrunched up with anger.

“That’s enough,” their father said wearily. “Go to bed, so you three can wake up early and go to the airport.”

Miyoon tossed her hair back and stormed off to her room.

“Appa...Oma...” Jiyoon started, toying with her fingers.

“Yes, darling?” Chaeya prompted.

“I...I was wondering...”

“It’s Jaejin, isn’t it?” Chaeya guessed.

Jiyoon nodded. Kiyoon stood by her eldest sister, awaiting the verdict.

Chaeya sighed. “Well?”

Kiyoon squeezed Jiyoon’s arm, hope for her sister rising off the charts.

“Of course. Why don’t you invite him over and we can all have dinner together?”

A smile broke out of Jiyoon as she hugged her mother fiercely. “Thank you, Oma!”

Chaeya chuckled. “You two are always up to something.”

“Not me! That devil is,” Kiyoon answered, pointing upstairs.


Seonghoon shifted uncomfortably in his seat, the thought still bothering him.


Seonghoon looked up. “Huh?”

“My mom’s talking to you,” Jiyong said, his eyes full of warning.

“Oh! I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.”

“It’s okay. I know you’re nervous, but don’t worry. These girls are wonderful. They’re such angels. All three of them.”

“Three?!” Seonghoon hooted. He quickly glanced at Jiyong who had simply shrugged.

“Yes. Jiyoon, Miyoon and Kiyoon. Although I must say, Kiyoon’s quite a handful. She’s the two of you put together. I think she’s the son Chaeya and her husband always wanted, but instead, came out as a girl. Nevertheless, she’s still lovely.”

“Kiyoon?” Seonghoon murmured.

“Yes, she’s the youngest one. Jiyoon, the oldest and Miyoon the second. Miyoon’s a beauty. The last time I saw her, she already had her mind made up to be a model when she grows up. And Jiyoon, so well taught. She’s very shy, but knows so much.”

“Oh...” Seonghoon said softly.

“Sounds like Kiyoon’s trouble,” Jiyong assumed, resting in his seat.

“I dunno about now. Maybe not as troublesome anymore. But I’ve heard quite a lot about her from her mother.”

“Wow...a tomboy. Hey, you think she’ll be up for competition?” Seonghoon asked Jiyong.

“You can be her competition. I’ll just sit back and laugh at you two,” Jiyong replied.

The car entered the airport shortly as Seonghoon continued to chatter the rest of the way. Jiyong nodded occassionally while helping with the bags.

“I can’t believe I’m leaving home!” Seonghoon breathed, taking in the sight of the airport as if for the first time.

“I can’t believe I’m leaving Mommy,” Jiyong said sadly. He reached to hug his mother again, this time, holding on for a long time. “Bye, Oma.”

“Be good. And write. Be sure you keep Seonghoon out of trouble. Make sure he calls home!” Jiyong’s mother instructed, shooting commands one after another.

Jiyong smiled for the first time to her chiding. This’ll probably be the last time he listened to her bickering at him until...until whenever. “Bye, Mom.”

“Bye, honey,” his mother said tearfully.

Jiyong pulled away and wiped away a tear. Seonghoon pounced on Jiyong’s mother next, a sudden wave of sadness washing over him.

“Bye, Ajooma!” Seonghoon wailed. “I’m gonna miss you.”

Feeling as if Seonghoon’s her own, Mrs. Ko hugged her son’s best friend. “Be good. Make sure you call your Oma and Ajooma.”

Seonghoon nodded and squeezed tighter, feeling dreadful for leaving his family. “Bye, Ajooma.” He backed away from Jiyong’s mother and saluted, a sad smile creeping to his face.

Jiyong and Seonghoon started to drift away, trying not to look back at the entrance.

“Well, this is it. Time to test your manhood,” Jiyong said, slapping Seonghoon on the shoulder.

“Hey!” Seonghoon cried, hitting Jiyong back. “That hurted!”

Jiyong laughed and headed to the baggage area. Seonghoon trailed behind, the sudden realization striking him.


Jiyong froze in his tracks. He quickly spun around to face Seonghoon.

“Your mother!”

Jiyong dropped his luggage and raced back.

“No, no, no! Not that! Not!” Seonghoon grabbed Jiyong’s long arm before Jiyong ran any further. “No! Listen! I meant sumthin else! Listen!”


“Your mother! She’s not coming!” Seonghoon yelped happily.

Jiyong moaned. “Oh, God. Is that what you were excited about?”

Seonghoon nodded, the gleam returning to his eyes.

“Jeez, I should really slap you silly. For a minute there, I thought something happened to my mom.”

Seonghoon’s grin widened. “No! I’m sorry I scared you like that! You had me scared! I thought I was gonna go on the trip with your mother coming along!”

“What’s wrong with that?” Jiyong headed for his bags again, Seonghoon running to catch up.

“Nothing! I — ”

“Let’s just hurry and get this done? I really wanna sleep,” Jiyong said, cutting Seonghoon off.

With an amazing pace, they had their luggage checked out and everything had went smoothly. They soon boarded the plane, relaxing yet worrying about the events that are yet to come.

:: Chapter 4 ::

“You think the girls will get along with them fine?” Chaeya asked, fretting over the possibility that differences will occur.

“Of course. They are, afterall, grown up. Jiyoon would probably be too busy with Jaejin, so that’s one you don’t have to worry about,” her mother answered.

“I can always trust Jiyoon. She’s not wild like the other two. I just dunno what to do when those two act up,” Chaeya emphasized, glancing at the stairs.

“Oh...” A soft chuckle. “Just don’t put them in the same room together. But you must admit, life is much more livelier with those two going at it. It’ll be too quiet if they were all like Jiyoon.”

“Oma...I dunno what to do. When it comes to kids, I’m so out of it. I just wished all three were alike!”

“Now, future Doctor Jiyoon’s good enough. We don’t want to bore ourselves to death,” her mother chided. “Besides, what are you worried about? You still have me! I am their grandmother.”

“If only Kiyoon was a boy...”

“Trust know in her next lifetime that will happen. But in the meantime, let’s not wish too much. I think it’s better having her the way how she is. If she was a’d die young.”

Chaeya agreed. “Oh, Oma...”

“Go rest up. Everything’ll be fine.”

“And Miyoon...”

“Like I said. Everything will be fine.”

:: Chapter 5 ::

It was morning and Jiyong suddenly jolted out of his sleep to find the first rays of dawn beckoning down at him. Beside him, Seonghoon slept on. He tilted his head back to rest on the seat, his mind wandering aimlessly.

“No, no, no, no, no....I’m who you’re looking for. Not him...” Seonghoon murmured in his sleep.

Jiyong snickered as Seonghoon went on mumbling, the words coming out in funny gibberish. He sighed and looked out the window, bats suddenly batting around in his stomach. “Oh, God...”

He glanced at his watch, eager for the plane ride to end. He sighed again and closed his eyes, silently wishing the meeting with the Chos would go well. He tried picturing the three cousins his mother had described to him, Miyoon and Kiyoon the hardest. Jiyoon was easy. His mother had said she was gentle and shy, pretty as a flower. Kiyoon, he saw her with short cropped hair, small eyes with a rugged look. Miyoon, a sexy supermodel with long hair and fancy painted nails.

“Attention all passengers! Please fasten your seat belts, we will be landing shortly. Again, please fasten your selt belts and remain in your seats. We will be landing shortly.”

Jiyong’s eyes snapped open and lifted his head. “Seonghoon, Seonghoon!” He fastened his own seat belt and reached over to help Seonghoon with his. “Seonghoon!” He took Seonghoon by the shoulder and rattled the snoring pig.

“Whaaa?” Seonghoon drawled sleepily with his eyes half open.

“Put on your seat belt. We’re there.”

“There? Where?”

“There. We’re landing soon.”

Seonghoon’s wide awake now. “We’re there?! For real? We’re there?!”

“Don’t go jumping for joy now. Hurry, put it on.”

Seonghoon did as he was told and started to look around the plane.

“Are you always this restless in the morning? I haven’t even had my coffee yet.”

“Trust me. When you have three cuties waiting for you, you’ll bound to be restless.”


Kiyoon stirred, the bright beam striking painfully to her eyes. “You...”

“Kiyoon,” Jiyoon called out softly, patting Kiyoon gently. “Kiyoon, time to wake up.”

“No...” Kiyoon answered, hiding under her covers. “No...I don't wanna eat it. No...”

“Kiyoon,” Jiyoon tried again. “Kiyoon, Jiyong’s waiting for us at the airport.”

“Ji-Jiyong...Yeah...him...he can eat it for me. I don’t want it, Oma...”

“Kiyoon...Jiyong can’t eat it for you if we don’t go pick him up.”

“Yes, he can...We can’t pick him up. He’s too big...too fat...too...Oh, God!” Kiyoon shot up from her bed, coughing her lungs out.

“Kiyoon! Kiyoon, are you alright?!” Jiyoon shouted, reaching for her sister. She pulled Kiyoon back down to her bed, trying to soothe the choking girl.

Kiyoon brought the coughing down a bit, still trying to block out the dream. She nodded vigorously to Jiyoon’s questions, not wanting to worry her sister.

“What happened?” Jiyoon finally asked when Kiyoon simmered.

“Mom was feeding me something nasty. And then it went in my mouth,” Kiyoon said sourly.

“ vivid,” Jiyoon murmured. “Hurry, Jiyong’s probably waiting for us.”

Kiyoon sat still, baffled by the statement. “Jiyong? Who’s — ”

“You’re forgetting — ”

“Oh! That faggot!” Kiyoon exclaimed, remembering they had to pick up their ‘cousin.’

“That’s not nice,” Jiyoon chided.

“So? Who said he was nice? I wish he’d marry Miyoon and get outta my life.”

“Life? Why you say that?”

“He takes Miyoon away from here, that way I don’t have to put up with meeting any more unrelated ‘relatives’ and live longer without Miyoon living in the next room.”

“Oh, God,” was all Jiyoon could say. Kiyoon certainly detests her second sister.

“But that’s okay. I’ll just humor everybody in this house and go along with you. Can I sit in the front?”

“Just hurry. I still have to wake Miyoon — ”

“Are you ready yet?! Jeez, I swear you’re slower than Granny!” Miyoon waltzed in Kiyoon’s room unannoucement, strong fragrance accompanying her.

“Oh, God. Did you spend a night with a real skunk?” Kiyoon asked with her nose pinched.

Miyoon nearly stumbled over her feet while making her way to Kiyoon’s bed. She quickly observed Kiyoon’s condition, thinking of a quick come back. “Looks like you had sex with one.”

“Oh, yeah. It was goooooooooooooood, babeeeeeeee,” Kiyoon retorted sarcastically.

Jiyoon stiffled a giggled behind her palm, watching Miyoon turn red as tomato.

“Wanna try?” Kiyoon jeered. “Oops! I guess you wanna save your virginity for JEEEEEEYOOOONNNNGGGG!”

Miyoon held her tightly clenched fists by her sides, not daring to throw one at Kiyoon for Kiyoon was a much better fighter than she was.

“Alright, alright...get up. Stop this nonsence. Miyoon go to the kitchen and start breakfast. Kiyoon, we’ll be downstairs waiting,” Jiyoon said.

“But I don’t wanna eat! Can we eat on the way or when we come home?!”

Kiyoon shook her head pitifully. “I thought you were smarter. Why didn’t you eat extras last night to save the embarassment? I don’t think Jiyong nor his secretary would like to see you scarfing down Mom’s deeeeeleeeeesheeeeyus cooking.”

Miyoon felt the heat rise just as Jiyoon spun around to hold her back.

“Kiyoon, stop it. Everyday, every morning, every night, you two have to be like this. Why can’t you two get along for Jiyong’s sake?”

“Why should I kiss his ass? He’s the one living here. I’m one of the permanent residents here, so why should I do anything for his sake?”

“Kiyoon, stop being difficult.”

“Yeah, grow up,” Miyoon mimicked, her voice a notch squeakier.

“I’m already four inches taller than you, I think you’re the one that needs the milk, not me,” Kiyoon retorted, rolling off her bed. She quickly made her bed and shooed Jiyoon and Miyoon out. “If I catch any of you — ”

“Kiyoon’s a transexual!” Miyoon shrieked with laughter and ran away before Kiyoon could even lift a finger.

“You’re gonna get it. You and your stupid hubby, Ko Jiyong!”

My Summer in Love
:: Chapter 6 ::

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