:: Chapter 6 ::

“So, who do you think I should settle for?” Seonghoon whispered, entering the airport.

“Who? Boy, you haven’t even met them yet!” Jiyong exclaimed.

“Hey! I have an idea!”

“So do I!” Jiyong shouted just as enthusiastically. “Why don’t you shut up?!”

Seonghoon ignored the remark. “Why don’t we switch?!”

“What?” Jiyong was confused.

It was seven in the morning and Seonghoon was already planning a scheme that would get them in trouble for at least a good three weeks.

“Seonghoon, it’s too early. Wait till I have my coffee.”

“No!” Seonghoon bellowed. “It’ll be too late! We can’t - “

Right then the three Cho sisters walked in, unaware of Jiyong and Seonghoon waiting nearby for them.

“Seonghoon. Listen to me,” Jiyong muttered. He turned and cupped his best friend’s chin. “As your boss, I’m telling you to keep quiet. Tell me when we get there.”

“But - “ Then his quick eyes caught the three girls. “Hey!”

“Seonghoon,” Jiyong growled.

“No, Jiyong! Look! Three girls!”

Jiyong buried his face into his hands. “Seonghoon, which of the two words in ‘keep quiet’ don’t you understand? Just because you see three girls together don’t mean it’s them.”

“Jiyong!” Seonghoon wailed. “Did your mother say it’s the girls that are coming to get us or what?”

“I dunno. She didn’t tell me anything.”

“Jiyong, I can’t wait till your coffee. I have to tell you,” Seonghoon urged.

“What? Don’t tell you’re gonna tell me sumthin stupid like you have one nut or sumthin.”

“No! Let’s play a trick!”

Jiyong knew it. Seonghoon was being the wonderful magician that he is. “Go on. Is it gonna cost the ass I’m sitting on?”

“No! Yes! I dunno!”

“Well, which is it?”

“Let’s trick the girls and see if they know who’s who.”

Jiyong looked up at Seonghoon incredulously. “Seonghoon, I don’t even know who’s who!”

“I’ll approach the girls and ask if it’s them. We know each other really good, right? So, when they ask a question about me, you’ll know the answer.”

“Wait. You’re gonna be me?” Jiyong asked, finally catching on.

Seonghoon’s million dollar smile.

“God. I hate you. How are you gonna convince my aunt and uncle?”

“I am one of the best actors you know since childhood, right?”

“Is it just for now? Cuz I hope you know - “

“I’ll tell ‘em! Don’t worry.”

“My mom warned me about that,” Jiyong muttered under his breath.


“I promised my mom if we get in trouble, the first thing that happens is you’re gonna lose all your hair.”

Seonghoon gasped.


Seonghoon quickly considered the question. “We’ll see how it goes.”

Jiyong hesitated to agree with the plan. “I’m not so sure...it’ll be so - “

But Seonghoon dashed off before Jiyong could finish.



“Did Oma tell you how they look like?” Miyoon asked, searching the airport.

“Yeah, like retarded goons,” Kiyoon replied dryly.

Jiyoon dug in her purse and produced a picture. “That’s them.”

Kiyoon and Miyoon peered over Jiyoon’s arms at the picture, taking in the beautifully taken picture. One had hair split in the middle with light streaks and a cheesy smile, the other looking quite girlish with dark hair. Their eyes squinting from the sun, nice sporty t-shirts and wide baggy jeans looked so well blended with the background of the park.

“Ewwww...I was right,” Kiyoon said disgustingly.

“I think they're cute!” Miyoon squealed.

Seonghoon approached them before they even decided on which step to take. “Excuse me?”

All three pairs of eyes turned to Seonghoon.

“Are you the...the...” Seonghoon quickly searched his memory for the names of the girls.

The three sisters held their breaths waiting for Seonghoon to finish his question.

“Uhmm...” Seonghoon stared at Miyoon, trying to remember one of the mentioned names Mrs. Ko had told him. “Kiyoon!”

Miyoon’s eyes widened as she turned disbelievingly to Kiyoon.

“What?” Kiyoon uttered, unable to believe the stranger had just said her name.

“By any chance one of you - “

“That’s her!” Miyoon quickly answered, pointing at Kiyoon.

“Oh! Hi, I’m Jiyong,” Seonghoon lied easily, flashing his ‘irresistible’ smile. He extended his hand for a handshake, observing Kiyoon intently.

Kiyoon stared openly at Seonghoon’s gay smile and slowly shook his hand. “So...you’re that faggot Jiyong.”

Seonghoon’s smile quickly faded.

“Jiyong oppa!” Miyoon squealed, hurrying over to him. She threw her arms over him. “Oh, I can’t believe you’re finally here!”

Seonghoon numbly nodded, still upset by Kiyoon’s welcome.

“Jiyong,” Jiyoon said.

Seonghoon looked up.

“I’m Jiyoon. Kiyoon’s only playing, she didn’t mean it. You’ll have to get use to her,” Jiyoon consoled, smiling.

Kiyoon snorted.

“I thought there’s the two of you. Where’s the other one?” Jiyoon asked.

“Oh, over there. I’ll get him,” Seonghoon replied. He was getting ready to yell out Jiyong’s name, but caught himself and reluctantly went over to him. “Hey!”


“It’s them. And you’re right. Kiyoon’s trouble.”

“Why?” Jiyong asked.

“She thinks you’re a fag.”


“That’s what she said. She said ‘so, you’re that faggot Jiyong.’ That’s you.”

“She actually said that?!” Jiyong nearly shouted.

“Yeah,” Seonghoon whispered.

“Wait...You’re the one that went over there and pretended to be me. So, she thought you were the real Jiyong, not me! I’m Seonghoon now!”

Seonghoon thought about the answer and nodded. “Fine. I’ll be you and you’ll be me. Agreed.”

“No, Seonghoon! We can’t! We have to tell them when we get there. We’ll play it off for now, but we have to tell them when we get there. I feel weird having people think I’m you. All cheesy and smiley. Plus, I’m not used to having people call me Seonghoon.”

“You will. I’m adjusting,” Seonghoon convinced, smiling. “And I’m having fun.”

“No! It can’t be this way. What if my mom finds out?!”

Seonghoon began walking away.

“Seonghoon!” Jiyong called.

But he went on.


“Yes, they should be here soon. My daughters have gone out to get them,” Chaeya said into the receiver. “Sure, of course. No problem. I’m sure he’ll be fine here. I’ll have him call you when he settles. Okay, now. Bye.”

“Jiyong’s mom?” Granny guessed, watching her daughter.

Chaeya nodded. “They should be back soon. When did they leave?”

Granny shrugged. “We were all sleeping.”

“Well, it’s almost nine, they should be back.”

Kiyoon honked loudly as she pulled up against the curb by the front of the house.

“They’re home! They’re home!” Chaeya said excitedly. She helped her mother out of her seat and together they hurried to the door.

The lock in the door clicked open and Miyoon was first to appear with Seonghoon and Jiyong behind her. Jiyoon and Kiyoon trailed behind.

“So we’ll go according the plan. I’m Jiyong and you’re Seonghoon. It’ll be like that,” Seonghoon whispered, making a final confirmation.

Jiyong opened his mouth but Seonghoon moved too fast before Jiyong could even utter a word.

“Oma! We’re back! And this is Jiyong oppa!” Miyoon announced, running to her mother.

“Which one?” Chaeya asked, looking back from Seonghoon to Jiyong.

Miyoon hurried over to Seonghoon and pulled him to the front. “This is Jiyong! That’s his secretary, Seonghoon!”

“I think she has made her claim,” Kiyoon said inaudibly to Jiyoon.

Jiyoon agreed.

“Well, we’ve already got your room ready. I hope you two don’t mind sharing rooms,” Chaeya told them.

“No,” Jiyong and Seonghoon chorused.

“Wait a second. You’re Jiyong?” Granny asked, eyeing Jiyong.

Jiyong’s eyes grew wide as he looked over to Seonghoon.

“Aigo! Granny ya! That’s Seonghoon! This is Jiyong oppa! That’s Jiyong’s secretary,” Miyoon said again.

Granny narrowed her eyes in suspicion. She nodded. “Well, how was the ride?”

“Tiring,” Jiyong answered.

“Boring,” Seonghoon replied.

“Well, at least it’s over now. And you two are both fine. That’s good. That’s good.” She sauntered over to Jiyong to pat his hand, searching for a mark on his hand that would prove to her that he’s not Seonghoon. She did the same and patted Seonghoon’s hand, confused with the situation.

“C’mon Jiyong oppa! I’ll show you your room,” Miyoon offered, tugging Seonghoon’s wrist.

Seonghoon ran after Miyoon, Jiyong following close behind.

“Something’s not right,” Granny said aloud to herself once Jiyong and Seonghoon was out of earshot.

“What isn’t?” Jiyoon asked.

“Jiyong has a scar on his hand,” Granny murmured, the look on her face distant.


Granny looked up at Jiyoon’s concerned face. “But neither of them has one!”

:: Chapter 7 ::

Seonghoon and Jiyong began unpacking right away, eager to settle and rest their aching bodies.

“What do you think?” Jiyong asked, striking up a conversation.

“Kiyoon’s not what I expected,” Seonghoon answered quickly. “She’s actually cute. I’d thought she’d look like a boy, all rough and ugly.”

“Miyoon’s hooked onto you,” Jiyong commented, removing his clothes from his suitcase.

“Nah...not yet, not that I know of.”


“She’s quiet. Look like a nerd.”

“My ajooma?”

“Nice. That old woman’s good! How’d she know I’m not you?”

Jiyong shrugged. “She’s old. Old people have wisdom.”

Seonghoon shivered. “My butt’s frozen.”

Jiyong laughed. “You haven’t met my ajoshi yet.”

“Ajoshi! Eep! I forgot about him! Is he mean?”

Jiyong shrugged again. “Molla. Never even met the man.”

They heard a series of cheerful cries and assumed it was Mr. Cho coming home.

“Your ajoshi,” Seonghoon said, folding his underwear.

“You mean your ajoshi. I’m Seonghoon now, remember?” Jiyong reminded him playfully.

“Of course I remember, hyuuuung!” Seonghoon retorted just as affectionately.

Jiyong guffawed. “Never thought I’d hear that coming outta you.”

“Surprised, hyuuuuung?”


“Let’s go downstairs and see what the excitement’s about,” Seonghoon suggested.

“I’m almost done.”

“C’mon! We’ll do it later! I wanna see what’s going on.”

“Uh-huh, later you’ll ‘be’ in the excitement.”

“Hyung, you’re so pessimistic.”


“Daddy, daddy! Jiyong oppa’s here!” Miyoon yelped.

“Shhhh...you’re so loud,” her father said, entering the family living room.

“Daddy! You came home early!” Miyoon continued in her uncontrollable loud voice.

“Appa, I think the doctor spanked her ass too hard and now she’s practically yelling,” Kiyoon remarked, following their father into the living room.

“I’ll spank your ass!” Miyoon fired, glaring at Kiyoon.

“No thanks. I don’t think my butt’s exactly the same as Jiyong’s. It’s not soft to the touch.”

“Appa!” Miyoon whined.

“Alright, alright. Calm down you two.”

Miyoon reeled around and looked up just in time to see Seonghoon and Jiyong come downstairs. “Jiyong!”

Seonghoon smiled. “Hi.”

“Appa! This is Jiyong oppa!” Miyoon introduced, pointing wildly at Seonghoon.

“My, what a handsome man.” To Jiyong, “You’re...”

“Kang Seonghoon, Jiyong’s secretary,” Jiyong answered politely.

“Oh...” Sungshik nodded. He looked at Seonghoon strangely. “Jiyong...you seem to have shrunk.”


“When I last saw you with Chaeya’s mother, you were shooting through that roof! What happened?”

“You did? When?” Seonghoon looked over to Jiyong, his eyes silently accusing Jiyong for not mentioning this.

“You probably wouldn’t remember. You were about eight or nine? We came to visit your father and we happened to have seen you.”

“Oh...I have bad memory. Things have always been fuzzy with me,” Seonghoon said hastily, eager to drop the subject.

“Sit down, people! There are seats you know!” Miyoon bellowed.

Kiyoon had already disappeared to the library to be with Jiyoon, not interested in listening to the three catching up on old times.

“Unni! When is Jaejin coming? I wanna play football!”

“I dunno, hon. I just paged him this morning before we left and asked him to stop by anytime before dinner.”

“Whacha reading?” Kiyoon asked, peering over Jiyoon’s shoulder.

Jiyoon held up the thick medical book, letting Kiyoon scan the cover.

“Ek, some dumb book I can’t understand. Unni, why is it that you doctors talk in another language?”

Jiyoon looked perplexed. “Another language?”

“Yeah, you know. Big words we can’t pronounce. I thought Russian names were hard.”

“Oh.” Jiyoon laughed. “That’s a good way to put it. Think of it as Russian names.”

“Nah, it’s harder. It’s like they’re trying to flow in English, but comes out in a retarded jumbo.”

“Oh, Kiyoon.”

The doorbell chimed and Kiyoon stood at attention. “Lee Jaejin! He’s here! Unni, hurry! Your hubby’s here!”

Jiyoon laughed to herself and closed the book. “Kiyoon ah...what am I going to do if my kids turn out to be like you?”

Kiyoon flew out of the library, past Granny’s room and into the living room where her family had gathered to analyze Jiyong and Seonghoon. Miyoon stood stiffly at the door, holding it open while Jaejin made his casual appearance in his t-shirt and jeans.

“Jaejin!” Kiyoon hollered. She ran over to her future brother-in-law and hopped on him for a ride.

“Kiyoon! That’s improper!” her mother scolded.

“That’s okay! Jaejin doesn’t mind!” Kiyoon replied. She slid off his back and hugged him tightly, then pulled him away from staring eyes. She whispered, “When are you gonna ask?”

“Ask what?” Jaejin asked bluntly. It was fun pretending to be stupid, especially when you’re playing with Kiyoon.

“Well, if you won’t, I will!” Kiyoon stalked over to the awaiting crowd. Jiyoon arrived right on time. Taking a deep breath, Kiyoon started to ask, “Ji - “

“Jiyong, how are you?” Jaejin asked instead just as his hand slipped over Kiyoon’s mouth.

Kiyoon glared at Jaejin.

“I-I - ” Jiyong started to answer.

“I’m fine!” Seonghoon piped. “You’re?”

Jaejin removed his hand from Kiyoon’s mouth. “I’m - “

“My brother-in-law!” Kiyoon stated proudly.

“Bro-Bro-Brother-in-law?” Seonghoon stammered.

“Yeah! Ain’t he foine?! He can wrestle too! One time I had him in a headlock and - “

“Kiyoon,” her father said sternly.

“Heh...” Kiyoon uttered sheepishly.

“So...who’s the lucky lady?” Seonghoon asked slowly.

“Certainly ain’t your lovely Miyoon!” Kiyoon sang, winking at Jaejin.

Jiyoon blushed with embarrassment.

“Okay, Kiyoon. You can stop now. Jiyoon’ll turn purple if you go on,” her grandmother chided.

“Purple?!” Kiyoon gasped. “Unni! That can’t happen! Jaejin hasn’t even asked yet!”

“Kiyoon!” her father repeated.

“Hmm...I’m hungry,” Kiyoon said to herself, getting the point. She disappeared to the kitchen.

“Wow,” Seonghoon mumbled.

“That’s our Kiyoon. The stupid crow,” Miyoon told Seonghoon.

“I heard that!” came Kiyoon’s muffled voice.

“So...she’s always like this?” Jiyong asked, curious as to see more of Kiyoon’s behavior.

“You have a brother?” Miyoon suddenly asked.

Jiyong shook his head.

“Then you dunno how it feels like to have a brother disguised as a girl.”


Kiyoon slapped the ham onto the slice of bread and another slice of bread over the ham. She squeezed the sandwich flat, the bread sticking to the ham like skin.

She nibbled on her sandwich and went around to look for something to do. She headed out to the yard and decided to sit on the swings.

“IT!” Jaejin screamed, pushing Kiyoon.

“The hell - “ Kiyoon nearly fell to the ground and saved her sandwich from going down. She turned her head several times and spotted Jaejin dancing around like a monkey. “Oh, you are SOOOOO dead!”

Rule number one : Never start anything with Kiyoon while she is eating.

She took another bite of her sandwich and started going after Jaejin. “C’mere!”

Jaejin laughed and dashed off again, Kiyoon hot in pursuit. “DAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!”

“You can run, but you can’t fart!” Kiyoon screamed.

Rule number two : Never fart while you’re in the middle of something. It’ll just slow you down.

“Too late! I just did!” Jaejin yelled, heading for the swings.

Kiyoon chomped off another bite of her sandwich and sped up. Jaejin always messes up at the swings.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! Whachu have!? A Snickers bar compressed in that sandwich?!”

Kiyoon crammed the rest of the sandwich in her mouth and lunged at Jaejin, shooting through the swing, tackling him down to the ground. Panting, she managed to let out, “You’re IT.”

“No,” Jaejin gasped. “I’m the man.”

Kiyoon chortled weakly and stayed on the ground with Jaejin.



“Why are you so hyperactive?”

“I dunno.”


“My turn!”


“Why can’t I have a brother?”

“Because your mom doesn’t want you to have one?”

“Well, when are you gonna marry Jiyoon? I wanna nephew to play with!”

“Why don’t you play with Miyoon?”

“She’s a pussy. She’s scared of her own shadow!”


“And Jiyoon’s too serious. Besides, I don’t wanna bother her.”

“So you come and mess with me?”

“You’re the brother I’ve always wanted.”

“I’ll be soon.”


“Soon enough.”

:: Chapter 8 ::

“I think something else is going on. Look!” Seonghoon pointed out the window.

Jiyong stood next to Seonghoon and looked out. “I dunno. I doubt it. That girl don’t look like she’s into guys. Even Miyoon said it. I think she’s only spending time with her oppa.”

“Yeah, but like that?! One the grass, laying in each other’s arms is called ‘brotherly love?!’ Uh-uh. That’s not right. I think there’s an affair going on right under Jiyoon’s nose!”

“Oh, would you stop!? You’re forever in people’s business,” Jiyong said gruffly.

“Hey, I’m looking out for them!” Seonghoon said defensively.

“Let’s just finish unpacking so I can rest. I feel so tired.”

Seonghoon agreed and they both continued unpacking.

“Jiyong!” Miyoon stuck her head in through the door. “Jiyong oppa! I got sumthin to show you. C’mon!”

Jiyong and Seonghoon exchanged glances, forgetting for a minute about their role switch. Jiyong went to Miyoon, but Miyoon shook her head.

“I said Jiyong! Not you! You’re his secretary!” Miyoon said loudly.

Then Jiyong remembered. He was Seonghoon, not Jiyong anymore. “Oh, sorry. I thought you said my name.”

“No, I said Jiyong.” To Seonghoon, “C’mon!”

Seonghoon followed Miyoon out, a helpless expression on his face.

When Seonghoon was gone, Jiyong went on unpacking. Glancing at the clock by the side of his bed, he softly whispered, “Bye, Jiyong.”

:: Chapter 9 ::

Night soon fell and dinner was served. As usual, Miyoon hogged all the guys (except Jaejin). Kiyoon sat in between Jiyoon and Jiyong while Miyoon isolated herself at the corner of the table with Seonghoon next to her and Jiyong next to him.

Earlier, Seonghoon had told Jiyong that Miyoon’s super cute and extra sweet. So different from Kiyoon.

Her room was full of stuffed animals, cds, toys, perfume, perfume and MORE perfume. She went on and told him an awful lot about her. Her dreams, her life, other miscellaneous things.

“You know what? I’m glad Jiyong has decided to stay here for the summer. It’ll give me a chance to get to know him better,” Miyoon announced.

Kiyoon leaned over to whisper something in Jiyoon’s ear.

“Oh, Kiyoon!” Jiyoon cried, exasperated.

“No, dear, you don’t want to forget Seonghoon,” Chaeya reminded Miyoon.

“Oh, Kiyoon could entertain him,” Miyoon said lightly.

Kiyoon turned to Jiyong, tapping him on his arm. “Seonghoon. You certainly have my deepest regrets. I don’t have the gadgets to present you a circus, but I do know a clown with TONS of makeup that happens to be sitting two seats away from you. Her name : Smelly Miyoon!”

Jiyong didn’t know whether to laugh or stay expressionless, he gave Kiyoon a small smile before Miyoon went squawking off again.

Other than that exchange, dinner went fairly well. Kiyoon vanished to her room while Miyoon dragged Seonghoon off to another tour of a specific site in the house. Jaejin and Jiyoon strolled to the yard for peace and the adults wandered off to the living room for television entertainment. Jiyong retired to his room, feeling out of place at the moment.

“Oma...I wish I was at home,” Jiyong said miserably.


“It’s so beautiful tonight.”

“The stars. They’re glamorous.”

Jaejin held Jiyoon closer, the night enveloping them, young and dark.

“What do you think?” Jiyoon asked.


“My cousin and his secretary.”

“Something’s not right with the two,” Jaejin admitted.

“What’s wrong?”

“The secretary seem so much more...I dunno. Jiyong’s not who I expected, I guess.”

“Whaddo you mean?”

“When I first saw them, I thought Jiyong was the taller one and Seonghoon, the shorter one.”

“Why you think that?”

“One seem so much more serious and the other seems like he’s just a gig.”

“A gig?”

“Yeah. All I know is they’re gonna be in for some trouble.”


“Two reasons.”

Jiyoon waited.

“One, Cho Miyoon and two, Cho Kiyoon.”


“So, tell me about yourself! I don’t even know your age!”

“Uh...twenty one. You?”

“Twenty one?!” Miyoon squealed. “I’m twenty!”

“Twenty? You look only eighteen.”

“You look eighteen, too!” Miyoon cried.

“How old’s Kiyoon? Sixteen?”

“Heavens no! She still thinks she’s thirteen! She’s eighteen!”


“Twenty two. Jaejin, twenty three. Wanna know my parents, too?”

“No, no...that’s fine.”

“So, when’s your birthday?”

“Fe-July. July first,” Seonghoon stuttered.

“July? That’s next month! So, you’ll be twenty two?”

Seonghoon kicked himself mentally for being so careless. He had forgotten that his birthday was several months before Jiyong’s and he had told her his actual age. “Uh...no. Twenty one.”

“Twenty - why twenty one? I thought - “

“I tell people I’m twenty one since, ya know, my birthday’s coming up,” Seonghoon said hastily.

“Oh...” Miyoon said softly, understanding. “So, tell me about your childhood.”

Uh-oh. “Uhmm...I have a sister...an older sister.” Phew. “Her name is Jiyoon - “

“Just like my sister!” Miyoon gasped.

“Yeah, just like your sister. She’s in Migook right now. So, it’s only me and Mom. We just chilling, you know. Then me and Seonghoon came up here.”

“Are you really the president of your father’s company?”

Seonghoon nodded.

“But-But you don’t even act like it!”

“Whaddo you mean?” Seonghoon panicked, he tried to contain himself.

“You’re so fun! Most presidents look so mean and ugly, they don’t even look relaxed! You’re like so different! You just seem to be free and happy.”

Seonghoon felt himself go light with relief. “Well, I don’t like to be serious all the time. Quite frankly, I don’t even like working at the company.” That was the truth. Neither Jiyong nor he like it, it was too tiring and a bore. But it was some GOOOOOOOD money.

Miyoon begged for more and Seonghoon continued telling her Jiyong’s childhood.


Knock, knock.

“If your name is Cho Miyoon, DO NOT ENTER!”

“It’s me,” Jiyong said. “Ji-Seonghoon.”

“Seonghoon?” Kiyoon murmured to herself. She got off her bed and opened the door. “What do you want?”

“Is it okay if I chill with you?”

“Chill? Here? Me?”

“Yeah,” Jiyong answered uncomfortably.

“Where’s Jiyong?”

“He’s with your sister.”

“Hmm...come in.” Kiyoon left the door ajar and Jiyong entered.

“I’m not sure you’ll find anything fun in here. I’m very plain, all I have are cds and books...” Kiyoon waved around. “Help yourself to whatever. But touch my closet, you’re dead.”

Jiyong nodded and observed Kiyoon’s room. It wasn’t anything similar to Seonghoon’s description of Miyoon’s room, dolls and toys. Kiyoon’s room’s full of books and cds. A computer sitting on her desk and several Playstation and DreamCast cds mingled with her music cds. A display of awards placed neatly against the far end of the wall and shelves nailed over an oak chest held rows of BIG trophies.

“You’re a ball player?” Jiyong asked casually.


“Pretty good.”

“That’s not all. There’s more in the basement and in the library.”


“You’ll see. Want candy?”


“Look in that left drawer. The top one, take all you want.”

Jiyong yanked on the drawer, surprised to see the supply of sweets.

“That’s not the reason why I’m always hyper.”

Jiyong laughed nervously as he reached for the pouch. “So...you like school?”

“Do you?”

Jiyong was surprised by the reply. “Who does?”



“I hope you didn’t take Miyoon’s words seriously because I won’t be like her all glued to one guy, giving them my undivided attention.”

“N-No...why would you think that?”

“Guys tend to take Miyoon seriously. She reminds me of Quinn. You ever watch Daria?”

“No, but I know who you’re talking about.”

“Oh, now this is interesting.” Kiyoon lowered her book, turning it face down on her bed. “Rarely people know what I’m talking about. Anyways, once you get to know Miyoon, you’ll realize she’s actually blonde underneath that black hair.”

“Are you two always fighting?”

“It’s something to do.” Kiyoon shrugged. She returned to her book.

“So...old how - “


“Thir - You’re only thirteen?!”

“Plus five.”

“Thirteen...thirteen plus five, eighteen!”

“Are you also the accountant?”

“No, why?”

“I was about to say your math’s bad.”

Jiyong stuffed a Sour Patch Kid in his mouth.

“No need to be embarrassed. You just said you weren’t the accountant. So you’re free of the insult.”

“Can I use your computer?”

“Just don’t go into my files or folders.”

Jiyong dusted the sugar off his hands and went to her desk.

“So...how long are you gonna stay here, again?”

“Second week of September.”

“Oh, God.”


Jaejin kissed Jiyoon good night and left for home.

“There goes Jaejin,” Miyoon whispered, watching the red tail lights disappear.

“So, they’re marrying soon?” Seonghoon asked.

“Jiyoon wants to wait till she graduates.”


“Medical school. She’s a nurse at the local hospital. She’s studying to become a doctor.”

“What’s Jaejin?”

“A doctor.”

Seonghoon stared at Miyoon.

“He’s still going to school though.”

Seonghoon nodded.

“Let’s go in. It’s getting a tad nippy.”

Seonghoon walked Miyoon back to her room before going to his.

“Good night, Jiyong,” she said sweetly.


“See you in the morning.”



“You suck!”

“Shut up!”

“Dumb ass! Turn left!”

Jiyong hit the right arrow by accident, the game getting intensifying.

“You dumb ass! YOUR AMERICAN LEFT!!!”

Soon the little game figure crumpled, shattering to a million pieces.

“Game over,” Kiyoon chorused with the announcer.

“Your sister’s right, you are a boy disguised as a girl!”

Kiyoon laughed for the first time since his arrival. “Why you agree?”

“Cuz all your toys aren’t for girls! Look at this! You have more video games than I do!”

Kiyoon laughed again. “You dunno how it is to be me. Although I have two sisters, I very often feel like I’m the only child.”

“Hmm...” Jiyong stood up. “Time to go beddy bye. Sorry if I kept you up.”

“It’s okay. I always stay up later.”

“Well...Good night.”


:: Chapter 10 ::

“I’m gonna marry him!” Miyoon declared, brushing her hair.

“Dream on,” Kiyoon muttered, washing her face.

“Hey, dreams do come true you know.”

“How come mine hasn’t come true yet?”

“Which is?”

“You outta my life?”

Miyoon rolled her eyes.

“Exactly how I feel.” Kiyoon hung her face cloth up to dry and went downstairs for breakfast.

Everybody was already eating away, all except Jiyoon, who had to be at the hospital by eight.

“Morning, Mom, Dad. Granny.” Kiyoon kissed Granny on the cheek before pouring herself a cup of coffee.

Chaeya slapped at Kiyoon’s hand. “Drinking coffee in the morning! Go eat jook!”

“Mom, coffee’s for breakfast, not a midnight snack.”

“Go eat your jook and stop fooling around,” Chaeya ordered.

Kiyoon frowned but sat down anyway. Morning isn’t her favorite time of the day and breakfast isn’t her favorite meal.

“Chaeya...don’t you even know your own children? Kiyoon hates jook. Go cook yourself some ramen, darling,” said Granny.

Kiyoon bowed deeply to her grandmother. “Thank you for saving me once again.”

Granny chuckled as Kiyoon slipped away to the kitchen. Miyoon yawned and smiled brightly as she plopped in a chair next to Seonghoon.

“Sleep well, hon?” Granny asked.

“Wonderful.” Miyoon took the cup of steaming coffee Kiyoon had poured for herself earlier. “Monster Kiyoon?”

“I’m feeling like one too,” Kiyoon said loudly.

Miyoon shrugged and helped herself to plenty of creme and sugar. “It’s a pity Mom won’t let you drink it.”


“Guess the monster’s asleep.”

“Why is it you always have to start things right when you wake up? Can’t you see Kiyoon has ignored you?” their father demanded.

“Yeah, unni. See? I even fixed you a bagel!” Kiyoon placed the blueberry bagel spread with strawberry cream before Miyoon.

“Nah-uh. It’s a trick. She’s not this nice.”

“Fine.” Kiyoon reached for half the bagel, getting ready to take a bite.

“Drop it, freak!”

“Unni, make up your mind!”

“Drop it,” Miyoon repeated.

“Catch.” Kiyoon tossed the bagel in the air before walking off to the kitchen again.

Jiyong watched the bagel flipped again and again in the air before Seonghoon caught it safely.

“Oh, thank you! Jiyong oppa, you’re the best!” Miyoon cried. She took the bagel from him and bit into it. Licking the thick pink cream off her lips.

Before anything else happened, Jiyong excused himself before Miyoon exploded. He hurried off to the kitchen, the closest exit through the kitchen. Kiyoon spun around, chopsticks poised in mid-air.

Then came an ear-splitting scream. Miyoon.

Kiyoon giggled and went on scooping her ramen out of the cooking pot.

“What did you do?”

“Burn her bagel then hid the evidence with her favorite color.”

Jiyong laughed.

“What’d you have?”

“Coffee and a sandwich.”

Kiyoon frowned. “No fair. Ramen?”

Jiyong shook his head.

“Don’t worry, I won’t pull anything stupid. Spiced?”

Jiyong shook his head again. “I’m stuffed.”

Kiyoon shrugged. “Suit yourself. How much coffee did you have?”


“Hmm...I can tell.”

Jiyong retreated back to the dining room, Miyoon in the middle of cursing while Seonghoon tried to soothe her.

“CHO KIYOON!” she screamed.

No answer.

“Where is she?!” Miyoon demanded.

Jiyong shrugged. “In her room?”

Miyoon growled. “After I come home from shopping! She better not be home!”

My Summer in Love
:: Chapter 11 ::

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