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Featured Attractions...

Mt. San Antonio 100, Compton 86
Cerritos 87, Long Beach 81 (OT)
Long Beach 56, Cerritos 46 (women)
Santa Monica 70, Canyons 65 (OT)
East Los Angeles 93, Compton 86
Columbia 85, West Hills 82
Chaffey 89, San Bernardino Valley 71
San Bernardino Valley 67, Chaffey 63 (women)
Cerritos 70, LA Harbor 63
West Los Angeles 88, Canyons 65
2015-16 Game Stories
From California JCs to the NBA
My tentative schedule 2015-16
Signings & Commitments 2015
Finding a JC in California

Welcome to YEAR 16 of DR's California JC Hoops!

The 2015-16 season is underway!

I'll post my usual summaries & stats on the first few links.

The 2015-16 page has all the game stories I've posted from earlier in the season. I've seen every team in the LA region already this season as well as a few from Northern California and most of the San Diego teams so see what all is there.

Ever wonder how many players who attended a JC in California eventually made it to the big time? Here's a list - hopefully an exhaustive list, but if I missed anyone please let me know - of those who played in either the NBA or the original ABA. There's even a Hall of Famer on the list!

I've posted my tentative schedule for me for the 2015-16 season. This will undoubtedly change a few more times, but as of this moment this is where I'm planning to be.

I've also posted my annual list of signings & commitments. If you have any to add send them along...

Twitter! Follow me @drinscv ("Follow me, follow me to freedom!" - C. Steiner, 1999). But don't worry - this won't change my old-school method of scorekeeping ("Me Use Pen!"). And I'm never ever going to join Facebook.

Everything from the 2014-15 and prior seasons and summers (including signings lists) is available by clicking on the "archives" link.

I'm kind of compulsive and like to keep stats at the games I attend. Since much of this information is usually not available anywhere else, I hope to provide some info to anyone out there who is interested - players, fans, coaches, recruiters, anyone.

And there's also a guide to finding a JC in California. Since I've been asked a number of times through the years about how a player would find a JC to play at, I decided to put together this guide. Some basic info plus contact info for every JC in the state (let me know if something's out of date!) is on here so if you or someone you know is looking for a JC out here check it out.

I live in the Santa Clarita Valley, just north of Los Angeles. So most of the material for the last few seasons is focused on Southern California, but I normally manage a trip or two to the north each season as well. Since I don't use graphics, I don't have to delete anything for space reasons. So if I ever put it here it's probably still here someplace (except for things like uploaded word docs of shootout or tournament schedules, which are bigger, so I do purge them after the event is over).

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at Unless I know and recognize your return address, be sure to put "JC" or something that obviously pertains to JC basketball in the subject line. (Those are the only emails I open these days after being deluged by spyware a while back). But if I get the message I usually respond within a couple of days.

Thanks for stopping by!