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Breed Characteristics

This breed of pigeon like many other true-flying pigeons has an ideal characteristic from each fancier's point of view. Each region of Iran has its own preferred characteristics. My description largely confers the capitals' (Tehran), fanciers standard. A fully majestic stand with roundish head and small beak set in line with eyes. Long and elongated body with soft long feathers, some birds have more than twelve tail feathers, this might suggest an absence of an oil gland. Stance is rather short on small feet.

Colours: all colours are available, such as black, blue, ash-red, brown, bronze, recessive red, almond, plus all colour modifiers.

Markings: shields, saddles, self's, coloured tail, white tails, baldheads, coloured body on white wings, coloured ring round the neck on white body, coloured head on white body, coloured head and tail on white body.

Feet: small feet, sometime gross legged, sometime clean leg.

Feathers: longish soft feathers, some specimen measured recently were recorded to have a wingspan of some 32 inches.

Head: rather round with typical high foreheads of tumbler family. Crested birds are frequent in this breed. However, double crest, does not exist in breed.

Eye colour red, orange, white, bull, white with bluish tinge, split eyes, different coloured eyes usually accompanying bull coloured eyes.

Flying and tumbling style:
Slow and purpose flyer with much control and stamina. One of its main flying characteristics in its homeland is its ability to fly to a high attitude within a few minutes and stay at such attitude for the duration of the flight. Tumbling is rather controlled, and the bird should hover for a few seconds, before indulging in backward tumble(s). The noise generated by the tumble should be audible from great heights. Hovering should be the climax of a sudden pull up, the higher the pull up, the more the specimen is valued. Some pigeons will tumble more than once on every pull up, as much as two, three or even four tumbles. Flight duration, is usually between three to ten hours but may be more. A bird is ranked and valued on its flight duration and its tumbling performance.