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Breed Information

Pigeon keeping in Persia has been a way of life for many centuries. Pigeon keeping and flying is one of the old traditions still enjoyed by all walks of life. In most villages there are a population of domestic pigeons flying around the village and feeding in the fields. In towns and cities pigeon keeping is much more involved. In cities like Shiraz, Esfehan, Tehran, Mashad and many more, there are always a few kits of pigeon flying, providing a marvellous display of acrobatic performance. Persia was one of the important markets on the caravan trail from China to Middle East, and consequently all manners of goods and life stock travelled around this route. So it should not be surprising when more than one nation in this region put claim to a certain cuisine, animal or ornamental pigeon breed. Performing pigeon breed always captures people attention and their unbelievable agility and endurance in the air provides a pleasing spectacle. Persia's neighbours are more or less on the same footing as Persia, and were and are involved in keeping and breeding pigeons. As it is stated in some books the carrier is an old Persian breed used for carrying messages. Pigeon keeping in Iran follows a tradition of human pride and desire to improve, as a result breeding and flying a champion flyer is every mans' dream. Fanciers and their pigeons go through a demanding series of preparing and enduring exercises designed to get the pigeons fit for competition in August, the hottest month of the year in that region.