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Pool pumper blaster backpack

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This is a great gun to have around.  It gets good range, has a strong stream, and with 6 liters of water, someone's gonna get soakkkkkkked!!!

ppb1.JPG (107520 bytes)

This is the gun, and an A.L.I.C.E. pack which holds the 2 6 liter plastic bottles.


For this project, you will need:

1.Safety glasses(duh!)

2. 1x Pool Pumper Blaster gun

3. 2x 6 liter bottles or 3x 2 liter bottles

4. 5 ft of clear 1/2 inch tubing

5. Some 2 part J.B. Weld epoxy

6. a hobbly knife

7. A small philips screwdriver

8. Pliers


First, buy the gun!!!!  You will probably need to go to KB toys to get it.  It is rare, and if you can find it, get it.  I got it for only $6.   Now, after getting it, swing by your local hardware store to pick up the clear hose(6 ft.) and some J.B. Weld epoxy. 

Now when you get home, unscrew the gun half so that you can see the inside of the gun, like this:

ppb5.JPG (86802 bytes)

Now, see where that hose comes up to the gun?   And see the yellow nut holding it on, inside the handle?  Thats where you have to CAREFULLY unscrew the nut.  Use pliers if you can't quite unscrew it with your hand.   The whole reason for the clear tubing is that the original tubing probably has a bad kink in it from being in the box for 5 years, and it is bright green!   This clear hose works a lot better.  So once you unscrew the nut, you take the green hose off, and replace it with the clear hose.  Then screw the nut back on.

Do you see the filter at the end of the green hose?   You will need that.  Take it off and keep it.  Now, cut about a 3 inch section off the end of the clear hose.  This will be what you link to the plastic soda bottles together with.  Cut a 45 degree angle at each end of the 3 inch section, so that water can be sucked into it easier.

Empty the soda bottles, and cut two holes near the bottom of each one just large enough so the 3 inch section snugly fits in each one.   now, put each end of the 3 inch section into one of the holes at the bottom of the soda bottles.  Next, gently tape the two bottles together.  Mix up some epoxy and smother the connection between bottles with it, so that the epoxy totally covers the entire clear hose and bonds to the outside of the plastic bottles(the epoxy wont bond to the flexible hose)

Next, cut another hole of the same size in only one of the bottles at the bottom of it.  (what you put these bottles in will determine where the hole will be.(you don't want to put it in the very bottom of one of the bottles, then throw it in a backpack and have it kinked)  A good spot is just opposite of one of the hole you cut to connect the two together.

Note: before you permanently attach the gun to the backpack, find some way to carry it on your back, like putting it in a back pack and feeding the tube through a hole cut in the side of the backpack.  Just make sure the hole in the backpack lines up with the hole in the side of the soda bottle.

I tried several ways to glue that hose to the hole, but it wouldn't work, so for right now, it is heavily duct-taped!  But a more secure way that I will probably to it is to use the orange filter that came with the gun!   Now, put the hose from the gun into the new hole you made, and filter it through the top of the soda bottle(might not fit if only using a 2 liter)  Then attach the filter on the end of the hose, put some epoxy on it, and feed it back down through the bottle and pull it tight against the inner wall of the plastic bottle.  Hopefully, this will make a good plastic to plastic contact, and plus, the water is now filtered.   Let all epoxy cure for at least a day!

If you forget to put the bottles in some kind of backpack and find yourself with a gun+soda bottles and no way to carry it, then just unscrew the half of the gun, unscrew the yellow nut, take the hose off, feed it through a backpack or something, and re-attach it!  Pretty simple, eh?

Now once everything is together, and in a backpack, fill up the bottles( if you only fill one side and wait, the other side will also slowly fill up too) either screw the lids on loosly or poke tiny tiny hose in the tops of the caps, so air can fill the empty space in the bottles.

Your ready to go!

If you have any questions, comments, or unimportant concerns, email me!

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