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Quad Results & Race Reports
Results and Race Reports
Rd 2 Dredgers MX 'O.R.P.A. Welsh Quad Championships'

Lee Hasdell took the LT 50 overall title by virtue of completing the three motos while Jeramy James dominated the LT 80 with three impressive wins ahead of Louise Thomas and Team Glowaki.

In the adult 'A' Quads it was a one-two for David and Phil Hammersley, David now with a commanding lead in the Championship with Dad Phil in 2nd place. Sam Wilkinson took the 'B' Quad wins in moto one and three, the big news of the day coming in moto two where Simon Pritchard took the race Win with brother Edward in 2nd, just to prove that 20 pints the night before a race does you no harm, (after several years of practise.) Wayne Scott and James Belarby went into moto three tied on points, Scott took the 4th place needed to take 3rd on the day and to move into 2nd place in the Championship, Paul Worcester holding on to 1st place dspite not entering the second race.


'A' Quad
1 David Hammersley (Lammos Motorcycles) 2 Phil Hammersley (Lammos Motorcycles) 3 Edward Davies

'B' Quad
1 Sam Wilkinson 2 Simon Pritchard 3 Wayne Scott 4 James Bellarby 5 Edward Pritchard 6 Paul Worcester.

LT 80
1 Jeremy James 2 Louise Thomas (Foamation Furniture/ Des Kelly Carpets) 3 Stefan Glowaki 4 Kazia Glowaki

LT 50
1 Lee Hasdell 2 Daniel Lambeth.

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