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15:1 Haul System Pictures

90.jpg (94791 bytes)

Just a different view.

91.jpg (80338 bytes)

Tandem triple wrapped prusik knot loops.

96.jpg (96455 bytes)

Using a munter hitch to take in and secure the captured main line once brought up by the haul system.  Picture shows the munter hitch tied off and ready for the system to haul more line out of the cave again.

I hope the pictures of this haul system were not too boring.  My only interest here was to relay some problem solving thinking to the Grotto in case you ever get into the same situation where hauling a person or other objects out of a deep hole is the task.  If you don't have the equipment with you, send for help.  Stabilize your patient and keep your cavers out of danger.  Relay to your rescuers your exact situation.  It won't do much good if they show up without the proper equipment.  Refer to "On Rope" by Bruce Smith and Allen Padgett, 1966, National Speleological Society for haul system answers.  Another good reference is "Considerations for Rope Rescue in 2002" by Kenneth N. Laidlaw which is also cited on our web page.


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