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Recent Activities

(Kenny) Simmons Cave, WV

Rita, Joedy, and sons Matt and Tom, plus Rita's sister Laura,  her husband Vinny, their son Dominick and daughter Anna went to Franklin, WV and stayed at Thorn Spring Park.  Everyone but Vinny caved (Kenny) Simmons Cave.  This is a good beginner's cave.  After Joedy coaxed claustrophobic Laura past the entrance into the cave, we had a great time.  Rita even got Laura into a tight crawl.  Way to go Laura!  Overcome that fear!  Rita put on a short wet suit, a life-jacket, and went swimming in the lake at the bottom of the cave.  Wow, that water was cold!  She had a great time checking out the lake.  In years past, people had parties in the cave and a boat to row around the lake.  You can still see parts of the boat at the bottom of the lake.

71.jpg (85928 bytes)
Cave entrance.


72.jpg (103254 bytes)
Rita, Anna, & Laura
getting ready to go caving!

80.jpg (61770 bytes)
There goes Laura.  She never thought she could do this!

85.jpg (69903 bytes)
Tom Cleveland, Dominick and
Anna Balassone, and Matt Cleveland


That's all folks till next time.


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