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Bottom line, we got more experience in hauling again.  This time Rita was the recipient.  After climbing about 1/3 of the way up, her chest harness came undone and the rope flew out of the bracket.  She climbed about 30 more feet and came to a lip.  Tim inserted a carabiner to try and keep the rope close to her chest.  She was able to get over the lip and climb a bit further, but after much convincing by Tim, decided her frog system might be better to use.  Tim called up to Joedy to send the frog down and helped Rita switch systems.  At this point they had been on rope for quite a while and seeing the extra rope down, Rita requested to be hauled up.  Tim switched her over to the 200 foot rope.  Tim climbed up and we hauled her out.  After hauling a while, Tim pointed out that the 15:1 haul system was too slow.  I had just come to that conclusion myself and we reverted it back to a 5:1 haul.  That sped up things up more, but it put us back into hauling 12-30 pounds vice 5 pounds each on top with every pull depending on timing, etc.  As usual, hauling was quite taxing and an intense routine, two people to haul and one person to take up the main line slack with a Rescuesender.  The new Rescuesenders vice toothed ascenders were much better and safer in the haul system.

The cave ate Rita's gloves (again) and Tim's throw away camera (nicely named) during the event.  Someone will have a nice pair of gloves and some fun pix to find when they descend again.  We were just too worn out to drop the 120 feet to retrieve them and climb out again.

That's it for this issue of Tidewater's Ooze.  Everyone get out and cave!





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