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While Betsy and I were on top, a group of five cavers came up the path wishing to cave Sites.  They were from Toronto Caving Club, Canada.  Betsy and I had a great time talking to them.  Since we were all rigged up, they had nothing to rig to and didn't want to add another two lines to the hole fearing entanglements.  They were also unaware of the new owner policy of getting permission first prior to caving and were unsure if that procedure had been followed.  Not wishing to break any owner rules, they departed to rappel into another cave.  Betsy and I had a good time talking to them.  They liked the way the top ropes and safety lines were set up and studied the haul system.  The last thing they said was, "hope you don't have to use the haul system."  I immediately knew I had been jinxed.  After the Toronto group left, there was a pesky turkey on the ridge who didn't like our presence or the occasional crow and would gobble, gobble, gobble his displeasure frequently during this beautiful sunny day.  It sounded like he was sitting right on top of my ATV.


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