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On Saturday, 20 March Joedy held a rappel class at his house.  Tracy Cabiroy and Katheryn McDonough showed up ready to go.  They learned how to tie knots, rig a rappel line to a tree, set a backup line to the main line, put on rappel gear and overcome their fear of climbing my rappel tower.  Both did excellent and I believe came away with a feeling of confidence and accomplishment.  Well done Tracy and Katheryn!

Recent Activities

Hamilton Cave

Quinn Daly and Kyle McClure never seem to get enough caving in Hamilton Cave.  The air blower keeps beckoning "crawl me!"  Yes, they have gone back there again and crawled even more of the air blower and report that it just keeps going!  Knock yourselves out men.  Go for it!

Sites Cave
by Joedy Klimas

Betsy Simmers, Tim Parker, Rita Klimas and myself all met at Thorn Spring Park where we stayed in cabin 3 (which continually lost power to the water heater).  I brought my ATV up in the white covered trailer to ease the hauling of gear and people up the path to Sites cave.  You park the ATV up the riding trail and then unload the gear and then backpack it up to the cave.  

The plan was to send down two 300 foot ropes all the way to the bottom and one 200 foot rope to the first level as a safety line in case someone had to get off rope on that level.  I sent the 200 foot rope down to the first slope.  We set up a 15:1 haul system on one of the 300 foot ropes just in case.  Rita went down first with a 300 foot rope bag.  We got Betsy on line to take a rope bag down and somehow we got her 300 foot rope bag line twisted around her rappel rack.  After a few minutes of now what do we do, we got her back on top and that's where she stayed.  She never got to go down.  That left Rita down hole wondering where the hell we were for about one hour.  I took Tim down the hole with the other rope bag to the bottom but left my cave pack on top.  I borrowed a little swig of water from Rita and then turned right around and climbed out to be with Betsy.  Rita and Tim walked and crawled the whole cave.   They caved for three hours.  




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