The Adventures of... TARA AND AMANDA!

The adventures of...



COMING SOON!! Take a look at Tara and Amanda's AMAZING accounts from the last two Bowie concerts they attended!! Stories and PICTURES up soon! WOOHOO!

It's all Bowie's fault! I love when HOT BOYS KISS!!!!!! Warning: Homoerotic pictures!

Tara and Amanda are dying!

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What, pray tell, IS an NOC?

Burger King, anyone? (I doubt you'll want it after this account.)

Tara meets... Dead Tara?

GOOD GOD! You simply MUST read about our David experience on LAST CALL!!!!


Come here to read about how Tara and Amandas friendship began.

The Today Show was a wonderful Tara and Amanda adventure. Want to know/see more?Check it out!!

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Guess what?? Amanda went to HEDDON STREET!!

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As Tara and Amandas first MAJOR adventure, it'll go on the opening page of this site. :-)

David Bowie's 2002 Roseland show was Amandas first (my 4th or 5th... something like that. I've ben to 9 total.)

Boy, did we get a treat. We met some really awesome people waiting to go inside and we snapped away. Unfortunatley, we were not allowed to "snap away" in the show, so that sucks.

It was one of the best shows ever. Well, Beacon was really awesome. And so was Roseland 2000. Oh! And my first Bowie concert at the Electric Factory was beyond amazing. Crap! They're all good! Not good! They're THE BEST!

Not only did David do the whole set-lists of both Heathen and Low, he did the two songs that he does the sexiest live.... Hallo Spaceboy and I'm Afraid of Americans.


Pre-concert bliss.

The sign outside which read "Bowie Land". What a great idea for a theme park... heh heh heh.

The cutest guy besides David at the concert. He was a cross between Brian in Velvet Goldmine and Ziggy Stardust. What an adorable man!

John-boy running away from us. He even looks good from the back as a blur!

John-boy walking toward us with his friend, who probably would have been cute if he had not been with someone who was so hot.

Here is an at-home pic of "John boy" (James). I got it off his web-site. :->

Cute Bowie-wannabe man. I tried to snap this picture without anyone noticing. Look at his girlfriend. Damn.

Once his friend caught me in the act, I thought "Aw, Hell" and went and got a better, closer shot of him.

Another cute man. Gothy, Bowie, Goldminey all at the same time.

Same man from above... awww! He had THE skinniest legs :-)

Snobby, gay Bowie man. He wants to suck on the coke - heehee.

Love this guy. He was fun. Look at his kick-ass boots!

Crazy, hillarious girl who reminded me of Angie.

Another huggable chap holding the Ziggy Starduster.

Ramble, a very vigorous Bnutter.