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Cage to Cage

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          As I go from cage to cage it gives you a chance to see how many different types of cages styles and sizes can be used. Most kit boxes may look similar but all have our own personal touch.  

Dennis Haynes he calls his loft Den Dens Play Pen. As much time as we all spend in our lofts our wife's may think it's our play pen.

Tommy Broussard calls himself Tommy Speedster and he likes fast rolling pigeons.

Darik McGhee and Craig Halcromb roller men for life. As we walk down the pigeon path to the cages we meet two more good roller men.

 The Mack is back! Ricky Mc Zeal an old friend is getting back into birds after years with out rollers, the fever hit him again. 

John Stephens known to some as Johnny Red. New to roller competition but not new to rollers. This year we get to see one more kit compete. 

Ernie Trujillo a long time roller man and good friend flys a family of birds he calls his Vida Blues. Lets take a look.
Burnett Brulee a man well known for his cage building all over Los Angeles. A drink in one hand and a smile on his face, and rollers all around him.

John Moore:  I love my Monty Neible birds.  I'm breeding as many as I can out of the birds Monty sent me.
Steve Russell
                   A member of the Inner City Roller Club and it looks like he wants to roll some pigeons.


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