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The Malaysian Serama Bantam is the smallest bantam chicken in the world and highly prized as living works of art. The weight range for roosters are from 250 grams to 500 grams while hens range from 200 grams to 350 grams. The height standing upright, measured from the ground to the top of the comb ranges from 6 inches to 10 inches, with a girth measured from the chest to the vent, 2 inches shorter than the height. Seramas originated from Kelantan in Malaysia from the result of selective cross breeding of many bantam breeds. Their chesty, regal and confident bearing are a joy to behold. 

Seramas makes beautiful pets and companions, both indoors and outdoors. Their small size requires very little space and a pair (or trio) of Seramas can be comfortably caged in a 24 inches x 18 inches cages. Seramas should only be let out of their cages when they are safe from predators such as dogs, cats and birds of preys such as hawks, falcons and eagles. Seramas usually raise a racket should any unfamiliar animal or object be sighted and should be safe to be on their own as long as there are people within earshot who can recognize when they are under threat. They make great companions while gardening and enjoying the mornings/evenings under the porch. Their regal appearance and natural beauty adds to the splendor of any garden or home. They are inexpensive to rear as each Serama only consume an average 750 grams of breeder feed per MONTH. 

This is After The Fire. 
This is Jackie.
This is Rusty. 
This is Blackie.

We will have Seramas for sale this fall (2004) but will take orders now.
Email for more information.
A size will be $300 per pair
B size will be $200 per pair
C  size will be $100 per pair
Extra roos or hens will be priced accordingly.

Larissa Kempf
2511 S. Melgaard Rd.
Aberdeen, SD  57401

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