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Here I am with one of my blue Cochin Roosters!
His name is Blue.  I have a harness on him and he takes walks with me.  Some of the chickens don't like the harness and some don't mind it at all.  The harness is an H harness and is very humane for the chickens.  It doesn't hurt them at all. 

The short strap goes around their neck and
the longer one goes under their wings.  They are fully supported and most of my chickens don't mind it at all.  They seem to enjoy getting out for a walk.

Here are some photos of some of the other bantams I have.  They live in a large commens area 
but if I want to breed pure bred of one kind they are moved to their own breeding pens.

Henny Penny

Ninga and Porcey
Top Notch
Sebrights & Brahmas
Lacey & Marshmallow
Mixed Pen

I often have stock for sale!  
Email me for more information on my bantams!

Larissa Kempf
2511 S. Melgaard Rd.
Aberdeen, SD  57401

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