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Feathers and Fur is a combination of Bantam Chickens, Serama Chickens, Registered miniature horses, 
Netherland Dwarf Rabbits, Holland Lop Rabbits. and my Arab riding mare.

It is located in South Dakota just outside of Aberdeen.  We have several kinds of bantam chickens. 
The Serama Chickens are a special breed that are the smallest chickens in the world. 
Please be sure and visit my Serama page to read more about these wonderful little pets. 
I have 2 registered AMHR mares and often have a foal or two for sale.
There are Netherland Dwarf rabbits in REW and Chestnuts and the Holland Lops are 
solid and broken and there is usually rabbits for sale. 
Last but not least is my beautiful Arab riding mare.  She comes from some very
top bloodlines and has been professionally trained.  Please be sure to check them all out.

If you have any questions about any of my animals please email.

Larissa Kempf
2511 S. Melgaard Rd.
Aberdeen, SD  57401

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