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Alternity: Science Fiction Role Playing Game
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Soze Arms Ltd.
Availability: Military
Cost: $1450
Mass: 1.5 kg
Length: 27.5 cm
Payload: 25 mm flechette round
Accuracy: -1
Actions: 3
Mode: F
Type/Firepower: HI/O
Damage: d4w / d6w / d4m
Range: 8/16/40
Hide: +2
Clip/charge Size: 6 shots
Clip/charge Cost: $50
Skill: Modern Ranged Weapons - Pistol

The Devastator is a succinct statement of the Soze Arms design philosophy -- overkill is the way to go. The pistol fires a wide-pattern flechette round, shredding anything in the general vicinity. It inflicts double the listed damage at close range (8 meters or less), but only half damage for shots at long range (16 to 40 meters). The flechette pistol doesn't have the full auto capability pf the autoflechette shotgun.

Devastator Flechette Pistol


This is by far my favorite pistol for several reasons. First, the -1 accuracy bonus helps the non-combat spec character gain an advantage in the field. You can also fire it three out of the four phases which is usually more than the average person has actions in a round. But the absolute greatest thing about this pistol is that it does double damage in short range which means it can do 8 wounds on an ordinary, 12 WOUNDS on an good success which is unheard of for a pistol (most rifles can not do that much damage), and 8 mortal (OUCH!). And to counter the long range half damage thing, carry a rifle and quit crying. Just remember 12 WOUNDS on a GOOD success, unbelievable. I give this weapon a 8 on my scale of cool weapons.
--Webmaster Cool LMJ

This page has been designed and copyrighted by Cool LMJ @ 2000, Alternity is a licensed product of TSR which is a copyright of Wizards of the Coast and any attempt at duplication will not be viewed kindly upon. You can check up on their copyright policys at their site.
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