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Alternity: Science Fiction Role Playing Game
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Characters of The Verge
This portion of The Verge will contain several player and non-player characters from sessions I have played in or from characters submitted to me via email. If you would like to see your character on this page, email him/her to me and I will try to get it up as soon as possible. Just click on the link of a character to view their bios and histories, as well as links to pictures in the image gallery of that character.

Player Characters
  • Angel Cortez --One word sums her up, BITCH! But don't say it to her face!
  • Eric Brown --If you look up soldier in the dictionary, you see a picture of this guy!
  • Deacon Holaway --A jedi like warrior. Eat your heart out Mark Hamil!
  • Blink the Flash --A T'sa... need I say more?
  • Rith Marux --A Mechalus always on the wrong side of the law. Tusk, Tusk.

The Verge's Most Wanted (Dead or Alive)
Click here to see where all your favorite bad guys are ranked and learn a little bit about them!

This page has been designed and copyrighted by Cool LMJ @ 2000, Alternity is a licensed product of TSR which is a copyright of Wizards of the Coast and any attempt at duplication will not be viewed kindly upon. You can check up on their copyright policys at their site.
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