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Alternity: Science Fiction Role Playing Game
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Welcome to The Verge
Welcome Grid travelers, you have made your way to the The Verge, a site devoted to all that makes up Alternity, specifically the Stardrive campaign. Inside these data banks you will find some hero's and some not so heroic (or crazy depending on your opinion) characters. There are adventures you may want to look through, special items and equipment that may fill a gap in your campaign, and even images that players may want to use for there own characters. In the archives, you can find a wide variety of downloads such as characters sheets and programs designed for Alternity (my program is on the way).

Update Information
May 16/2001
HOLY CRAP!!!! THIS PAGE HAS BEEN UPDATED!!! ;) Well, it has been some time since I last did something here for reasons not to be discussed, yet. Not to worry, I don't plan on taking a 6 month leave of absence again, and due to the high demand I have been getting I think its time to make this site the PIP DIDDY site of sites, in Alternity standards anyways. I am going to spend some time checking out other related sites first to catch up on what I missed, and after that, look out people cause stuff is just gonna start cruising into overdrive... er stardrive I mean. Take it easy, check back soon!!!
--Webmaster Cool LMJ

May 16/2001
Cool LMJ is back in action, stay tuned little doggies!

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