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Austrin-Ontis Munitions Div. 2
Availability: Military
Cost: $1850
Mass: 2.45 kg
Length: 45 cm
Payload: 11mm bullet
Accuracy: 0
Actions: 4
Mode: B/A
Type/Firepower: HI/O
Damage: d4+2w/d6+2w/d4+1m
Range: 20/60/140
Hide: +1
Clip/charge Size: 7 bursts
Clip/charge Cost: $120
Skill: Modern Ranged Weapons - SMG

The Rhino is a much needed addition to the submachine gun family, allowing for more punching power and range then the standard 9mm charge submachine gun. Also, the improved "smart sight" and sturdy design on the gun allows for pin-point accuracy, eliminating the recoil of this automatic weapon. This gun will surely become a favorite of terrorists looking for the most bang for their buck.

Rhino, 11MM Charge SMG

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