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Alternity: Science Fiction Role Playing Game
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Characters of The Verge

Rith Marux

Age: ??
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200 lbs
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Short Jet Black, shimmering wires

Appearance: : Rith Marux is very tall and muscled for a mechalus. His features are almost always hidden behind opaque sun glasses and a full length leather trench coat concealing his body armor which he is Almost always waring. His hair is shoulder length and drawn into dread locks by Rings of silver, as many as six per bundle of hair almost always is found with a concealed weapon, most often a knife

Personality:Rith Marux is a trained professional, preferring the company of his own memories and performs alone more often than not. He does not care about anyone else except for his long time associate Markus Zombie, and few can claim to have earned his trust. He is suspicious and has a deep seated rage directed at the police he cant stand to have them harassing someone who has obviously done nothing wrong. And to earn his anger or worse hatred will bring retribution in the future.

Creed:I hunt the shadows for those whom would wrong me.


No one really knows much of the history of Rith Marux only that he was a prominent member Of an organized crime syndicate and was quit satisfied with his position until for unknown reasons he was forced to abandon his position. He climbed the ladder of power quickly for his skill with the blade and pistol were hard to match. It is rumored that he was found as a child, abandoned for an unknown reason, by one of the syndicates top assassins and raised as if he was his own son On his way up the ladder he found a man and chose him to be his partner to supplement his battle prowess with some much needed technical knowledge and his climb became even faster, this mans name was Marcus Zombie to this day the only man whom he truly trusts for his adoptive father Witnessed the climb of his son and tried to be rid of him before he became a threat to his position as the best, but Marcus warned Rith in time and Rith killed his father, putting the knife through his fathers heart himself this act cemented the friendship of the two and brought about the events that drove away what could have been one of the best assassins in history. In his flight from the unknown threat Rith openly ran afoul with the law and now has a bounty on his head of 50,000 for several counts of resisting arrest and assault that still stands.

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