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Characters of The Verge

Eric Brown

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Eric was born on a June morning on Sol. His father was an ex-soldier and his mother looked after him and his sisters full time. The family's house had a forest just behind it where Eric and his friends spent countless hours swimming in the pond, playing games, and relaxing. Eric's favorite past time was when his father would take him hunting.

On his ninetenth birthday, Eric and twelve of his friends signed up for Concord citizenship. All of them chose military as their ticket into the Concord. Five, including Eric were chosen for the Marines, two were chosen for Star Force, there were accepted into the Concord Defense Corps and the other two were rejected for everything. Eric said his good byes and was transported off world for training.

After two months of training one of Eric's friends dropped out and was taken back to Sol and another expired during grenade training. Eric's accuracy was amazing and it seemed he had a knack for fixing armor and weapons. Two years of training and Eric graduated, First Private Eric Brown - Concord Marines. His father had become ill and died five months before Eric graduated. Eric was crushed by this news but it was too late to do anything.

Eric and both his friends who had made it were assigned to a recon platoon under the command of Lieutenant Castor. One faithful summer day, the platoon was on a routine patrol when a bullet hit the lieutenant right between the eyes, killing him instantly. Command of the platoon went to Warrent Officer Kraver, second in command.

Kraver ordered private Mc Intyre, one of the friends who graduated with Eric, to look for enemy troops in the forest. Mc Intyre reported eighteen troops but also made an excellent target for a sniper and he had lost his life right there. Eric moved to a better place and could see all the muzzle flashes from the enemy fire. Eric could hear in his comm gear the order of return fire and as he went to shoot he saw something interesting to his right, a glint of sun on a gun barrel. Only one thought was in Eric's mind now, sniper!

Eric took out a fragmentation grenade and with a nice lob an explosion took out the sniper. He then grabbed his rifle from his side and unleashed the clip into the trees. After reloading he looked for a target but fate had something else in mind for Eric because. Just then, some dirt in front of him flew up and something hit his helmet hard, knocking him out of action.

Eric awoke to First Private Myler's boot in his side. There were twelve others up and none of them were Garrett, the other one who graduated with Eric. Searching, he found Garrett half dead with four holes in his stomach. All Eric could do was give him all of the pain killers in his trauma pack and comfort his friend.

After that, everyone in the platoon were re-assigned but apparently the lieutenant had put in a good word for Eric and he was accepted for Special Forces training on Bluefall. After that, he was assigned to the "Lone Wolves" under the command of Major Foster were he is now positioned.

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