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Alternity: Science Fiction Role Playing Game
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Characters of The Verge

Deacon Holaway

Age: 32
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 205 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Long Brown Hair

Appearance: Deacon dresses in odd garments typical of modern monks and religous men. He usually can be found wearing a brown, hoodless robe made out of thick and heavy cloth material. His only possessions he carries is a utility belt with various peices of vital equipment (such as communicator, flash light, pocket knife etc.). He also wears long, dark leather boots that raise up to nearly his knees, although that is rarely noticed. Under his robe he wears a tight soft suit that is his only protection. Also, hanging on his belt, there is a grayish brown cylinder that is his energy sword (but it can pass off as a large flash light).

Personality:Deacon is a calm, quiet man who hardly throws caution to the wind. Deacon is an honest man who will keep his word even if it means his own death, as per his creed. Deacon will rarely raise his voice believing that any conflict can be worked out without need for injury, but he realizes that some people are more difficult to "reason" with and other courses of action are required.

Creed:A man's worth is defined by two things that go hand in hand: his honor and his word.


Deacon Holaway grew up on Solarius IV, a peaceful plant that has adapted much of its culture from buddist monks. Deacon of course was special in that his mind was opened, and thus he had the gift for supernatural abilities. The monastary leader realized this and sent Deacon to train with an old man named Loreath, who schooled Deacon on the use of his new abilties and taught him to respect other people, you must first respect yourself. Deacon trained to be very gifted with his abilties, especially focusing his mind and instilling confidence in himself.

It was at about this time, when Deacon's mentor, Loreath, had presented Deacon with an ancient alien artifact that he aquired many years ago. It was a device years ahead of its time, a sword made out of pure energy. It could cut the hardest material with little effort. Deacon practised with this weapon for a long, long time, and studied the uses of its powers. It could increase Deacons awareness of his surrounds greatly and everything seemed to be slowed down to a point that Deacon could block incoming missile attacks with this weapon. He also found that the sword instilled in him the ability to perform various acrobatic manuevers more easily.

Then, Deacon began to have strange cryptic dreams which usually ended in him combatting a shadowy figure wielding a weapon similar to his. The battle was of epic performance, quick strikes followed by instantaneous blocks. But ultimately, the battle always ended the same way, Deacon fallen, at the feet of his mysterious opponent. And when Deacon could no longer hold this a secret, he confessed to his mentor who looked shocked. He immediately got Deacon to pack up all of his belonging and took him to a space shuttle service. He said that Deacon was in danger if he stayed on Solarius IV and must leave quickly. The last words of Loreath were "Let fate guide your hand to safety. All with be become clear."

With that, Deacon took the first shuttle and departed into a future of unkown adventure and intrigue.

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