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Alternity: Science Fiction Role Playing Game
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Characters of The Verge

Blink the Flash

Age: 26
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 40 kg
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: T'sa don't have hair, they have scales , so dark green

Pictures of Blink the Flash

Appearance: : Blink is a T'sa which is not all that much to look at . But his wild tattoos of his clan, covering his head plat, chest and arms take some of the sting off. Often wearing combat armor with a sweater, that is too big, over top and the T'sa "pants", he stands ready to take on any thing.

Personality:Blink is always ready to make new friends and in his business he gets lots of opportunities to make new friends at each star port. But to many humans call him a snake with lags. Which makes him mad . he enjoys flying star ships, but they got go fast, if they want to keep up with this T'sa. It seems if bad luck follows him every where he goes.

Creed:Let your guns or your money answer the questions.


Blinks grandma, who he loved dearly, raised him through most of his life. Now the last thing he has of her is a large sweater (too big for most Weren) with a yellow daisy on the front and on the back says "4 H Club". Because his parents were busy with there shipping company. Eventually until she died when he was 14. Then his parents took to learn how to fly the massive freighters they owned but the soon grew annoyed of him and sent him of to military school, where he earned the nickname of "Blink" and if you ask what his real name is he is bound to sit there and think about it with you. It has just been to long since any one has called nothing but Blink the Flash. At military school he made many a friend. After that he went into the taxi business but he was soon fired for his T'sa driving style, hard and fast. Then he went into the piloting business where he met the green skinned freak. Then blink when to work in a bubble gum factory. Then he quit and went to work in a yo-yo factory . He was fired for causing a big explosion in one of the machines. There was yo-yo's ever where !!!! Which is pretty hard to do seeing as all the machines runs its self.

Then he was fired form that and went to work as a bartender. That lasted a hole eight seconds !! Then he joined up with Bill Bob and two more of his friends. There names are Rith Marux and Markus Zombie.

Blink has had many other jobs which were less interesting but have a more interesting of a reason for being fired. But currently he is a mercenary.

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