Project first published mid-Nov 2004, this page last saved for publishing 17/11/05.

Sound, speakers, some thoughts on working with them and some

tips that may prove useful,

amplifier protection,


dimensioning a design,

power supplies,

layouts and heat-sinking,

setting up an audio amplifier,

offsetting an amplifier,

width and Bessel arrays,

sundry styli interfaces,


power amplifier designs; Dinsdale MkII, compact, RCA 120W, 200W 'raw', RSD 400, Lecson AP3, System A, SSM-2131, Giesberts IGBT, Class D.

John Linsley Hood designs, simple class A designs (1969, 1996), regulators and comments on transistor selection for same, and 'Valves versus Transistors'.

Zip-file of the above
(available on request)

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