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3-song CDEP (N66UXA-38)
Spider-Disc International/USA 1993

   Dreamy, moody, and often brooding, Mark Lane’s “Black Lipstick” is a harmonic wonder rooted in the minimal electronic music underground of the 1980’s. Conceived using the archetypal model of the one man band or solo electronic music artist, (a role Mr. Lane and his 80’s contemporaries pioneered into a permanent fixture of the musical landscape today), the music seems to pick up where the 1984 “Who’s Really Listening?” 12” left off. It’s stripped down bare arrangements magnified by an underpinning of bizarre production atmospherics create an intriguing backdrop for dark romantic vocals which simultaneously charm and command you.
   Minimalistic to the core, it is that relationship between the instrumentation and the vocals that is the essence of this release. Executed in a place where sensuous prose rides sparse vehicles of treated toy keyboards that wrestle with analogue machine basses and leads, “Black Lipstick” is synthpop from its genuine origins.

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