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Special Limited Edition (500 numbered copies)
4-song CD-EP mini-jacket (ECD-0106)
Editions Mark Lane/USA 2006

  Drawing upon diverse sources that range from erudite to industrial musics, "Inner Most Folds" includes two unusual bookend instrumentals counter balanced by two fantastic vocal tracks. The limited edition (500 pieces)CD EP is the only Mark Lane recording package that currently contains the minimal electronic hit "Halcyon Sentimental." Vaunted for harkening back to the androgynous robotic-like beginnings of the genre, the song's infectious simple beat pushes a climbing and descending rhythm sequencer that propels it across a landscape of synthetic wonders. Add vocals that often seem like they are from the days when Marlene Dietrich was in her prime, and the result is both ethreal and eccentric.
  Beautifully packaged in a full color card stock mini-jacket, “Inner Most Folds” is out now.

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