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8-song CD LP (MWC-004)
Metawaveclassix/Germany 2004

  Originally recorded in the late 1990's and released as a German import on the Metawaveclassix label in 2004, "Creepy a la Weepy" is known by Mark Lane followers as the CD where he reached the height of his abstract sampling artistry. Full of quirky edge, anthemic arrangements, and a taste for the bizzare the album was critically acclaimed by Zillo, Side-Line and no less than a dozen other online magazines.
   Delivered in his androgenous tongue and cheek vocal style, "Creepy a la Weepy" is vintage Mark Lane that walks a fine line of the sophisto goulie and the dark romantic. Includes the rare cover version of Gary Numan's "Praying to the Aliens" and seven other minimal-electronic pop songs.

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