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24-song 2XCD Digipak (ECD-0306)
Editions Mark Lane/USA 2006
ON SALE FOR SUMMER 2016! $13.99 (Regular $18.99)

  "The Anti-Tech Testament" offers the first collective view into Mr. Lane's innovative work of the early 80's. Ranging from the stark minimal pieces of the early days to the lush productions from the "Who's Really Listening?" era the two disc set contains an amazing selection of interesting and provocative electronic music jewels that engage the listener on its very own awkward, quirky and ecclectic platform. Impossible to ingnore the historical importance one is transported in a time machine to the earliest days of discovery.
  The 2XCD Digipak 24-song package will please long time followers as an addendum to their collections as it contains many rare as well as previously unavailable on CD tracks. Thus nulifying the urgency and expense of hunting down those by now impossible to find compilations. As for the new listener, the release will act as an essential beginners listening guide to Mark Lane.

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