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Various Artists Cassette.
Mam-Aufname, Ffm/Germany 1986

  Face A: 1. Mathea & Pink Fungus "Untitled" (5:12) B/2. No Unauthorized "Infection" (1:57) F/3. Sakhalin Island "We Will Remember" (3:57) USA/4. Lollek & Bollek "A line" (4:04) B/5. Det Wiehl "Vehicle" (3:43) NL/6. Vox 231 "Whenna" (6:04) F/7. D.O.C. "Invasion of Instellar Elephants" (4:09) D/8. 48 Cameras "Djebel Gafzeh, Israel" (1:54) B/9. Human Flesh "16th Mirage" (2:40) B/10. Geduld "Summer's Last Dreams" (3:08) D/11. Chel White "Dreams Of Tunnels" (2:11) USA/12. Mental Anguis "Get Back" (4:40) USA
  Face B: 1. Dreaming of Salvador "Whiskey on the Rocks" (3:47) NL/2. Cockroach "X-Bass" (5:20) D/3. Mark Lane "Live Melkweg/A'dam/NL" (5:42) USA/4. Dominion "Highway Afternoon" (5:42) USA/5. Legendary Pink Dots "Echo Police" (live)(4:50) GB/6. Potato Lake "I Will Be Your Face" (5:06) USA/7. The Chud "Hey! Pretty Girl" (2:55) D/8. The Politics of Experience "She Is My Light"(4:28) B/9. Merzbow "So Small Atropin" (4:27) Japan/10. Cauchy 138 "Amour Perdu" (2:17) B

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