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Various Artists Cassette
Insane Music Contact/Belgium 1986

  A-Side: 1. The Backdoor Man "Slaughterers" (2:55) Germany/2. Front Line Assembly "Elusive" (6:00) Canada/3. Deux Balines Blanches "Kapitulation" (3:00) Germany/4. The Backdoor Man "Still Watch The Clouds (5:10) Germany/5. Mark Lane "Il Pleut A Bruxxel" (3:20) USA /6. Un-Film "Stereoscope" (2:00) USA/7. Fru Aut "Freiherz" (5:15) Italy/8. Pol Silentblock "Intermede (Pas Comme On Croit)" (:20) Belgium
  B-Side: 1. Orhan Kara "Ikiz" (2:00) Turkey/2. The Philosophers "James Joyce Talks Dirty" (1:30) USA/3. Mataparda "Aiming the Moon with a Rifle" (2:15) Spain/4. Gafas Oscuras "Children's Toys (Extract)" (2:20) Belgium/5. Fouko "Lasset" (2:30) Canada/6. The Philosophers "Soul Foood" (1:05) USA/7. Crawling With Tarts "Angry King" (2:35) USA/8. Beuk "Life Dies" (2:35) Holland/9. Cripure S.A. "Humus Urbain I" (3:00) USA/10. The Philosophers "Gettin Down To Biz-ness" (1:20) USA/11. Un-Film "Ride In Your Car" (2:15) USA/12. Pol Silentblock "Vaisselle & Regret..." (Extract) (2:40) Belgium/13. Orhan Kara "Kucuk Bir Eksik" (2:20) Turkey

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