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Various Artists Cassette
3rio-Magisch Theater/Belgium 1986

  Side 1: 1. Die Rote Fabrik "3 Different Men"/2. Quesquesexa "Drunk"/3. Mark Lane (w/Klinik) "Hate Of Religion"/4. Danton's Voice "Easy Live"/5. Hybryds "The Willing Victim"/6. Bourbonese Qualk "One Hundred Years"/7. France Douce & the Abortions "Watch Out"/8. Bondage Boys & The Beast "Pogo Pogo"
  Side 2: 1. Incest "Dream About Incest"/2. Politics Of Experience "In Die Stille
    Kempen"/3. Stress "Fist Comes Down"/4. 10 Kliene Snobs "Stormy Weather"/5. Philippe Laurant "Desordrre Et Distorsion"/6. Onderbronders "Vlaamse Deerne"/7. Mirror N.60 "Give Me Time"/8. Richi Nici "No Master No Slave"/9. Simon Vinkenoog "Live at Flater Aarschot"

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