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Various Artists CD (CD 007)
Napal Med/Czech Republic 1999

  1. Gianfranco Sciamanna "Mantide" Italy/2. Praying For Oblivion "Mantra" USA/3. Krankheit der Jugend "678pop" Germany/4. Mangenerated "2 Minutes Over Hakendover"Belgium/5. XP.Ration "Noise addiction" Spain/6. Greggreg "Greed" USA/7. Veprisuicida "Pulex Irritanis" Russia/8. Ras.Al.Ghul "Dashes Circles" Poland/9. Share The Decay "Void.Rapped In A Scream" USA/10. Kharadrai "Akhomalon I." Finland/11. La Funcion De Repulsa "Leche Radioactiva" Mexico/12. Doc Wor Mirran "Carivore Carnival"/Germany/13. Rhondian "Structure Of Convergency" Czech/14. Mark Lane "Taffeta for You" (live) USA/15. Moz "Two Minutes Of Hate" USA/16. Clutter "Regression" Spain/17. Mixomatosis "La Muerte Del Mimosin"/18. Noise Mirgranaaa "Decaying Mind" Germany/19. Sonic Disorder USA/20. Exit "Infuse" USA/21. Mamarracho "Yokohama Broken Heat" Japan/22. Longdreamdead "Spendor Hate" Japan/23. One Eyed Cyclops "Rapt Oneirocriticism" Italy/24. Sklo "Switch Off Light To See" Czech/25. Vita Verbum Lux "Le Grand Architecte Pt.1" Canada/26. P.T.A.O./27. Nyrvana vs Symphony Di Urza "Nucleur Czech/28. Atrophy "The Winner" USA/29. Naplmed Czech

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